Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 Spoilers: Lost Reunions -- First Look

Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 Spoilers: <em>Lost</em> Reunions -- First Look

Daniel Dae Kim, the portrayer of Chin Ho is bound to have a mini-reunion with two of his Lost co-stars on the upcoming fourth season of Hawaii Five-0. Per TV Guide, Henry Ian Cusick will pop up on the Sept. 27 premiere and Jorge Garcia is appearing in episode 3.

Check out the first-look image below:

five0 lost

Cusick will be introduced in the premiere as the villainous "Ernesto", who holds the team hostage. "He's tied in to some baddies we introduced last season," says exec producer Peter Lenkov.

Meanwhile, Garcia will recur as "Jerry", a conspiracy theorist whom the team consults.

"He's going to be sort of the fifth member of Five-0," says Lenkov. "Jerry still lives in his mom's basement. He's the boy who cried wolf whom nobody ever believed, but he finally gets validated."