Hawaii Five-0: Will Not Bid Fans ‘Aloha’, Renewed For Season 3

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May 15, 2012

Good news fans! It appears that the sunsets of Hawaii will be looking even more bright and beautiful. It is now official that Hawaii Five-0 season 3 will continue to fill up your Monday nights with more cop-action-drama!

Hawaii Five-0 which stars Alex O’Loughlin as Steve McGarrett was picked up by CBS for a third season last March 14,2012. The cop drama has been receiving favorable reviews by fans and critics, bagging a 65/100 score in Metacritic as of October, 2010. The series premiered on CBS receiving a 14.20 million viewers, most of them tuned in until the finale numbering up to 10.41 million.

Furthermore, the second season airing of the re-make wasn’t that bad either. In fact, ‘Is My Show Cancelled’ stated that — “The sophomore series has been holding up decently ratings-wise in its second season, averaging roughly a 2.6 in the 18-49 demographic vs. the 3.0 it earned in Season 1.” Without a doubt, the show was not re-imagined for nothing. After 42 years (to be exact), the writers did a great job in creating a plot that still corroborates with the original storyline.

Although the story was able to tread down the road smoothly, one character of the show apparently doesn’t really count as a fan favorite. Lauren German, who plays Lori Weston, according to fans, carries the label of the show’s “outcast”.

“Please, would someone please dismiss this character. She just doesn’t cut it with the rest of the ensemble. It’s as if the writers are struggling to come up with dialog for her. She’s not a fit and needs to go…sooner rather than later.” says one fan from TV.com

The magnified dissatisfaction against Lori’s role apparently moved the producers, eventually discarding Lori’s participation off the storyline. Expectedly, fans reveled over her disappearing act.

Now that the team is back as they were, and a third season cooking on the way, did your expectations got another level higher? Share us what you think! Celebrate with other fans as you hit our comment box below.

  • kels

    i loveee this show!!! p.s. to all the hates theres nothing wrong with lori ur all jealous bc shes naturall beautiful

  • Dadof324020506

    cant wait until  season 3

  • Gayle Dosher

    Delighted that season 3 will happen!

  • hawaii five-0 BIGGEST FAN

    this is the BEST show EVER  and i LOVE it can NOT WAIT intil season 3 comes out :) 

  • Adam

    when is season 3 coming out?

  • Diana

    wow..its coming back.!!

  • Tesnickie

    waiting for the season 3!

  • Brian

    Never miss an episode of Hawaii Five- 0!

  • Dimitym

    No it was because she was hogging the half of the limelight that was usually all Kono’s, Kono is the girl of Five-0, and Lori didn’t need to be there.

  • Jupey

    does anyone know when season 3 will start?

  • Jan Nicholson

    Yes I can’t wait for the 3rd season. I hope Kono will be there. I hope she doesn’t die. Please don’t let her die. The show will be nothing without her. I’m a big huge fan.

  • josiah spurgeon

    they should reval a tralier for season 3

  • josiah spurgeon

    i know it should be great

  • josiah spurgeon

    in the fall i think.

  • josiah spurgeon

    i know right

  • Steph

    when is the third season of five 0 going to air… pls pls i am addicted

  • steph

    Hell No Girl! I feel threatened by her…. she will steal steve away from the beautiful navy michelle borth…They are meant to be

  • JY

    can’t wait ! When is the show Season 3 ???????