Is Jenna Kaye Going To Stay for Season 2 of ‘Hawaii Five-o’

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March 30, 2011

That’s the plan, according to the tv guide. In fact, she might be taking Chin Ho’s place on the Hawaii Five-0 season 2!

The final episodes of the season will reopen the matter of Chin’s unjust removal from the police force, and that he may finally get the reinstatement he deserves. Will he be able to turn down their juicy offer?

  • Broadwayfan

    Chin can’t leave FIVE-O!! How could it be FIVE-O without Chin Ho Kelly? The thought makes me sick!! They can’t lose Daniel. The chemistry between the 4 team members is perfect. This girl has NO permanent place with the team. Gimme a break!!!

  • susan4

    Oh no *schocked* Five 0 without Chin Ho Kelly…incomprehensible!!! He can not lose this great Team…#H50 must go on with this 4 !!!

  • imma_bee

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Chin Ho is part of FIVE-O! He can’t be replaced! Seriously! They got a good thing going here, why change it???? Chin-ho is irreplaceable!!! Kono is the ONLY girl that should be on the team—we love her! NONONONONONO Jenna KAYE!!!!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!! I stopped watching Criminal Minds after they started adding/taking out cast members…H50 is perfect as it is!

  • Amchaney47

    i would not mind if they added jenna kaye to the team it is called 5 0 and it would be 5

  • Chloe

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Please don’t get rid of Chin :( I don’t watch HER

  • Willow58

    If she replaces Chin Ho I will not be watching Season 2

  • Willow58

    NO!!!  I do not like the character.  I’d be tempted to skip the show if Chin leave and esp if Jenna stays. 

  • M&M

    I like her character, but only as an addition to Five-O, not as a replacement for Chin Ho.  Make it five team members for Five-O!  (though please God get her some field experience!)

  • Crazyveve

    NO! i like Jenna and i wish she’s staying but does Chin have to leave? sure he’s not my favorite but it wont be the same with out him!

  • Pinkmink

    i just hate jenna, i don’t know why, and they CANNOT swap Chin for HERR! NOOO D:<

  • Go556

    Don’t shoot yourself in the foot crew. Add? Yes ok give it a go see how it works (never really got to like her just yet). Replace? No. The team is great, do not fix if it ain’t broken. 

  • Anonymous

    Don’t worry jenna is working with Wo Fat.

  • Anonymous

    Jenna is a subject of Wo Fat thats why you can’t stand her.