'Hawaii Five-0' Casting Spoilers: Taryn Manning and Larisa Oleynik

'Hawaii Five-0' Casting Spoilers: Taryn Manning and Larisa Oleynik

Is Taryn Manning back as MaryAnn McGarrett? She’s teased us with two tweets on Saturday night:

tarynmanning: Palm trees, oceans, moonlights, tropical rain, rainbows, unicorns…bliss.

@tarynmanning: See u soon my bro…H50 http://yfrog.com/h2ps3oyj

Larisa Oleynik will star on Hawaii Five-0 on March 21. as CIA analyst Jenna "K" Kaye, then returns for the season's last two episodes — giving her three shows to prove herself worthy of being signed as a permanent team member.

"They'll let me know by June 30 if I'll be a series regular in the second season," says Larisa, a former kid star on Nickelodeon's The Secret World of Alex Mack. "One of the reasons for bringing me in is the four [main actors] are being worked nonstop. And maybe to add more female energy."

Jenna arrives in Oahu from Virginia, on the hunt for Wo Fat, who killed her fiancé (also a CIA agent). "She's left everything she knows and has nothing to lose," says Larisa. "She thinks she's going at it alone — until she meets McGarrett."