Hart of Dixie Spoilers: Wilson Bethel Warns A Heated Conversation for Zade in Season 3!

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August 17, 2013

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Hart of Dixie heartthrob Wilson Bethel teased what’s coming up for Team Zade when the CW dramedy opens for season 3 this fall.

Can we hope for a happy reconciliation between the former Bluebell lovebirds? Apparently, not so much. Breathe, ZADE shippers!

Get the spoilers below!

The shirtless sweetheart promised us that fans will get to see a Zade scene in season three premiere, but it might not be the one you were hoping for. “I think there’s some conversation that needs to be had about where the f–k you’ve been basically,” Bethel said. “She kinda just disappeared.” Yikes! Three months and no contact? Looks like there’s some drama headed to Bluebell!

Source: E! Online

‘Hart of Dixie’ season 3 bows on Monday, October 7 at 8/7c on The CW.

  • peanut55

    She left to find someone with a real Southern accent. The women on that show need to get a speech coach. You could take their accents and spread them on bread like peanut butter.

  • Caro

    Maybe the writers will finally give Zoe and George a chance at a real relationship! They have been dangling these two as a possible couple since the pilot so they should at least give Zoe and George a chance! In real life they would because whenever two people are that attracted and in sync they always want to see where it goes! I love Zoe and George together…there is something so perfect about so many of their scenes…the trip to New Orleans, the first meeting, standing by George’s father’s bed in the hospital…give us more!

  • pap

    let zoe and george be together, that way is the only way they’ll notice how boring these two are as a couple, and they can finally move on!

  • Odrita

    I love the couple Zoe and Wade, they look so nice toghether, but…yes, I know their relation is complicated and imposssible. And most of all, I love Wilson Bethel , he is just the most important reason to see the show!!!