Hart of Dixie Spoilers: Wilson Bethel Previews What’s Next forZade in Season 3

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May 22, 2013


The on again, off again romance of Zoe and Wade has given fans a trail of ennui during the second season of Hart of Dixie. Can they ever make up their minds? Hopefully in season 3, these two Bluebell lovebirds can atleast give fans some deserved closure.

TV Line addressed this matter to Hart of Dixie actor, Wilson Bethel. Can we hope for his character as Wade, to up his maturity for atleast one level? Keep reading for the scoop:

Wilson Bethel says a full-fledged Zoe-Wade “scenario” in Season 3 “seems pretty logical,” although he believes it was smart for the show to end the season with Zoe pulling a Kelly Taylor. “It’s probably good that there’s a bit of anticipation about what she will do” heading into the fall.

The third season of Hart of Dixie will air every Monday on the CW.