Hart of Dixie Spoilers: Will George Catch Lemon with the Mayor?

Hart of Dixie Spoilers: Will George Catch Lemon with the Mayor?

Scott Porter who plays George in Hart of Dixie was caught by Wetpaint on this exclusive interview at the 33rd Annual College Awards. Here he spills something about the secret affair of Levon (the Mayor) with his fiance, Lemon Breeland.

Wetpaint Entertainment: We're nearing the end of the first season, and I hear that you get to sing!

Scott Porter: Yes. I'm excited! I do get to sing. It was something very nice to see. And I've kind of made up the back story of George and his father having a fight when he was in high school. You've seen the relationship between him and his dad. [In my mind] George wanted to join choir, and his dad, obviously, had a glass of bourbon in his hand, like, "Son, we don't sing in the Tucker family. You're not a fancy man." I just have this like whole scene in my head, that we'll never see.

I think George is an artistic soul. He's a free spirit, and he just gets himself caught in the grind of trying to fix problems for everyone else and doesn't let himself play sometimes.

What brings on the song?

Unfortunately, it works off tragedy. [It comes off] George catching Lavon and Lemon in a moment. And where he spirals from there is unexpected but very kind of cool. George tries to figure out where he stands with Lemon, where he stands with Lavon, where he's going to stand with Zoe, and tries to figure it all out in one night. George, like I said, tries to fix everything. He tries to fix it in one night. In doing so, he makes a little bucket list for himself, and he heads out into the wild and starts being crazy, lets it all loose.

I figured that the reveal would be the big cliffhanger — George discovering the relationship between Lemon and Lavon — but is that something that's going to be dealt with now?

I think it's a necessary pay-off for the fans. We move at a slower pace than a lot of television, by choice. I think it's great for the show. I think it's really indicative of the town and how it operates. It's a slow simmer, but the fans are going to get to see some payoff, though, before the end of the season.

What can we tease about the wedding?

Whether or not it happens, you'll just have to wait and see. There are some females in wedding dresses. Whether or not it's in a wedding, we'll see.

Do you think Lemon and George should get married?

Personally, if I had two friends who were George Tucker and Lemon Breeland, and Scott Porter was standing on the outside, my advice to them would be to take a breath and take a step back and not do anything rash. But I definitely wouldn't advise to get married to try and fix the problem because that's not going to solve anything.


Source: Wetpaint