Hart of Dixie Spoilers: What’s Next For Ex-Lovers Zoe and Wade?

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February 27, 2013

We Are Never Ever Getting Back TogetherWhen all you do is track down and write spoilers, it kinda sucks when the surprise element that is played within a show is no longer there. This goes exactly for Hart of Dixie’s sexy couple, now broken-up — Zoe and Wade. I’ve been writing about some of the anti-Zade events that will unfold on a couple of exclusive spoilers and I have to admit that it’s been arduous on my part to break the news.

Now that the cat is finally out of the bag, it’s been a huge relief! whew. Finally, I have the actual episode to back me up.  I believe it’s time for me to address the fans that may have been thrown or upset over the advanced spoilers, I hope that by this time you’ve already given up on rooting for Zoe and Wade.
Nonetheless, don’t lose hope! All TV series are amassed with break-ups and make-ups. I’m pretty sure this cool-off stage for Zade will be over soon. Before we know it they’re screwing each other again. (agree?)

In the meantime, since the wounds are still fresh for Wade and Zoe — let’s talk about their plans for the future as new singletons in Bluebell! TV Line was quick on their toes, they already covered the latest scoop for you HOD fandom! Check it out!

Spoilers from Mircea Monroe aka Tansy Kinsella

“We have some moments coming up. In the next episode, it’s Tansy who Zoe goes out with to try and get over Wade. She has extra empathy in this situation. It’s really cool twist for the character, to start to like someone that she didn’t because of shared experiences. While we’re doing shots, Tansy even says something like, ‘You’re going to be fine. You’ll find someone like George — but not George, himself,’”

Wilson Bethel, Wade’s portrayer have some spoilers too!

“who knows? I think Wade and Zoe made a pretty good run at it. And maybe this will leave room for a continued development down the line.”

Are you still crying over the latest break-up in Bluebell? Share your heartaches

  • V

    Lets hope we see them “make up” before too long….otherwise we won’t want to watch anymore…

  • beeet

    Of course I’m still crying :( Writers of HoD, I hate you!!

  • Bad Kitty

    “Screwing again?”
    Wow. Super classy spoiler post. What elegant prose you have.

  • Suzie

    It was a very sad episode….but very well acted. I really hope these writers plan on developing Wades character. Please let Wade start turning his life around in a positive way, and please let Zoe notice. Don’t let her get all sleazy bouncing from one guy to another, when it really seem she loves Wade. They have great chemistry. Lemon and Annabeth….Now that they have a truce…can you quit letting Lemon rule the roost. Annabeth deserves to be happy, after all her divorce basically went un-noticed. She has loved and lost too. Not just Lemon, and if she would quit doing stupid hijinxs the mayor would not be disgusted with her. I like “Crazy Earl”, please let him start redeeming himself. I like how George and Lavon went to stand-up for Zoe…but Tanzy cracked me up. I am very MAD at Wade, but glad he came clean even though it was after Zoe figured it out. Wilson Bethel is a very good actor, beyond his yummy looks, and played the scenes very well…It was just as sad for him, as it was for her.

  • Andy

    I am not giving up, never.
    All great couples break up in series only to get back together in the final season.

  • http://twitter.com/jconsta5 Judith Constantino

    The writers have to keep Zoe and Wade in each other’s face(so to speak) and she has to forgive him down the line. These two love each other and were not given the opportunity to say the magic words to each other. I want some “I LOVE YOU’s” hereand it better come this season. I love Zoe/Wade interacting with one another…he brings out her playful side and she needs him. She’s mad and hurt right now but I am ever hopeful things will right themselves soon. Otherwise, what’s the point?

  • http://twitter.com/jconsta5 Judith Constantino

    I agree rhat Wilson Bethel did a great acting job showing Wade’s feelings of guilt and shame …in fact, he made me cry. This is my favorite show and it better get renewed. Good love stories are hard to find…and this is the best.

  • Cindi

    I too love Wilson Bethel as Wade. He does such an amazing job portraying Wade. I really hope that the writers will use this break up time for Wade to totally change and fight for Zoe proving he is a changed man. I also wish that the writers would let Zoe grieve the loss of Wade and not let her just jump back into dating as the upcoming previews show. Hoping that the season 2 finale will be as amazing as The Big Day finale was in season 1. I admit that I am a little nervous.

  • Bea

    Your name is “Bad Kitty”,kinda not the person to speak x)

  • Shell

    They have to get back together!!!