Hart of Dixie Spoilers: Showrunner Tells Fans “Don’t Give Up on Zade!”

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May 1, 2013

Wade-and-Zoe-break-upHart of Dixie creator Leila Gerstein promises Zoe and Wade shippers that they shouldn’t put their hopes down after the unfortunate breakup of the Bluebell tandem.

As she tells our source, the Zade breakup caused by infidelity on Wade’s behalf, “was never intended to be the end” of their story. “It is a long series [and] we expect to do many, many, many more episodes of this show,” she adds of the recently renewed dramedy. “And they’re not even done for this season! There will be another connection between Zoe and Wade before the season is over. I would certainly tell ‘Zade’ fans out there that they should not be giving up hope.”

Source: TV Line

Do you want Zoe and Wade to get back together?

  • CityGal

    A beautiful, compelling story of two unlikely people who complement each other so well has been abandoned for small, trivial, mediocre boring story lines that regress its main characters. As a fan, it is tragic and just plain hurts. LG needs to conduct an interview with someone who will actually ask thought provoking and insightful questions. What happened? Maintaining the triangle is killing the charm and integrity of the main character and the town.

    These are adults not teenagers. Pick one and tell Zoe’s and whomever’s story. Take us on that journey, but to trot out the other guy every 5 or 7 episodes to remind us of Zoe’s “continue” feelings is just stupid. If Zoe likes George, then go on a D*** date already! Stop sleeping and dragging along Wade. Why is this so hard? Either Zoe/George have chemistry and they are a compelling couple and tell their love story within this town OR they don’t work and end it amicably. THEN let her pursue someone else. It is awful to drag these two ADULT men around. It makes Zoe’s character a horrible person. I want to like Zoe and watch how this major life changing move to AL shapes her character either for better or worse. And right now, it’s worse. What happened to the head strong, intellectual, but needing social skills Dr. that arrived in BlueBell?

    After 2 seasons, I know next to nothing about George’s character. Give Scott Porter a storyline worthy of his skills – develop the character! Is Wade a good guy who just had misfortune in life and became complacent? Let him find his redemption and someone who will see his golden-hearted worth beyond his local reputation.

    It breaks my heart what is going. Leila created a beautiful light-hearted town with interesting characters and has no idea what to do with them and what stories are screaming to be told.

    Leila is Xerox and the CW needs to find its Steve Jobs. Someone who can envision a story and orchestrate a team of writers to tell it.

  • Olga

    Plea let them back together

  • cassandrak805

    I think Zoey and Wade should have never broken up. George isn’t who she really belongs with just because they share a new York connection. Wade should have pushed her away instead of slept with another girl. Their connection is pretty compelling and they have an onscreen chemistry that is rather amazing for the show. I don’t see Zoey and George together.

  • cbj

    I will not give up hope for Zade, but I also do not want to get so into their story as before only to have some sloppy/poorly thought out break up/storyline happen again. I just feel that the viewers and the actors deserve better than this. Wade/Wilson Bethel has endeared us to his character and the break up as well as the episodes since then, (with exception to a few moments) have been hard to watch. Not sure where the show is headed, but I miss the characters that we fell in love with in season one and early season 2.

  • Lauren

    I think Zoe and Wade are awesome and romantic together. I love how they grew as a couple and kept their quirks which made for funny episode. George isn’t even in the same league as Wade. Wade offers more to Zoe- he offered her reality, stability, charm, fun(he made her laugh), and he can be genuinely romantic. There were some moments where I would have loved to have dated Wade. He has it in him to go the distance with Zoe. She brings it out of him and makes him a better man. I would love to see Zoe and Wade get married.

  • http://www.facebook.com/armywife7696 Gidget Chandler

    I don’t want them back to get back together again. I want Zoe and George to hook up. They always look good together.

  • sab19

    No i defenetely want them together they belong together

  • Shan

    well said..

  • http://www.facebook.com/alexis.salcido.5 Alexis Salcido

    THANK THE LORD!!!! ZOE AND WADE are the only reason I watch the show!!!

  • DEE

    Me too!!!

  • DEE

    Zoe and Wade need to end up together. Yes, I am not happy with the way LG is running this series and the way the drama has been played out. I am talking about the cheating on Wade’s part. So out of character with the way he has been changing this whole series. He was changing and then, oh, he is the same old Wade and his feelings for Zoe meant nothing. What was that?
    Wilson and Rachel have something on screen that NONE of the other actors have together. They light the stage! When she is with George it is absolutely yawnsville. I just can’t wait for their scene to end and the next one, no matter what it is, to begin; just to get them (George and Zoe) off. They are both good actors and say all the correct lines but just have no chemistry. Shoving them down our throats won’t make it so.They are so, so boring to watch. I really hope LG gives the fans what they want and that is for Zoe and Wade to be together. I agree with someone who said stop with the triangle angle and trotting out each guy every 5 to 7 episodes.

    Just pick Wade (we all know she belongs with him), and tell their story already. I don’t want them just to always jump in bed–don’t get me wrong, I love those scenes and want more of them, but I want more FOR THEM, the couple. Their struggles, joys, rights and wrongs—all of it. Take me THERE! I want to see that. They could really go there and it would be great.

  • Kate

    I really liked Zoe and Wade but I would really like to see Zoe and George together. I think that there is a really awesome connection between them and he would make her better. It is great that Zoe can make Wade better but he did cheat on her and George shows himself over and over to be a great guy…where Wade has moments that show him to be good but many times his immaturity gets irritating. I would like to see them explore a relationship where the guy could make her better.

  • Tayfranio

    If jonah and zoe end up together i will never ever watch the show again and i can garuntee that the ratings will dramaticly decrease if she ends up with Jonah. I dont like george and zoe together, boring! wade and her add abit of fun and suspense! As said in the last episode, he has changed for her, i even shed a few tears when he declared his love. George belongs with Tansy, Jonah deserves his one night stands and zoe and wade need to be engaged! Love hart of dixie.. but yet again things could change.

  • tayfranio

    i agree, im constanly skipping the George and Zoe scenes!

  • tayfranio


  • http://www.facebook.com/alexis.salcido.5 Alexis Salcido

    HECK YES GIRL!!! My heart broke into a million pieces when they broke up!!! Everyone knows that Zoe and Wade have the most chemistry out of anyone and are meant to be together.

  • http://www.facebook.com/alexis.salcido.5 Alexis Salcido

    Completely agree with you. I will never watch the show again either. Zoe and Wade make the most entertaining couple and all of us viewers know it. Wade even said Zoe brings out the best in him…aww <3 I just really want them together again next season! oh and btw I shed some tears too when he declared his love for her :)

  • Belle

    Zoey and Wade are made for each other. I will be very dissapointed if they don’t get back together to start the next season.

  • Cici

    Zoe and Jonah is my favourite pairing

  • Caroline

    Season 3 sucks without Zoe and Wade. I will certainly quit watching the show if they don’t get back together during the 3rd season. I want to see them as a happy and stable couple that conquers different everyday challenges. They shout be the IT couple in the town, and the drama can be something else than the constantly triangles. They need to turn around the show before it’s too late. Zoe and Zade are the OCs Summer&Seth, Friends Ross&Rachel, Twilights Bella&Edward, Greys Meredith&Derek.. Its painful to watch wade going after Vivian, I just hopes its not the writers way to end the romantic relationship between ZADE that would be a big big big mistake, and I think they will loose a lot of viewers.