Hart of Dixie Spoilers: Scott Porter Answers Yours Season 2 Most Wanted Q’s! — Confirms That George Would Be Dating Around!

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October 2, 2012

TV Fanatic interviewed actor Scott Porter of Hart of Dixie where he reveals the latest we need to know about the season 2 comeback. On the conversation, the actor admitted on behalf of his character that we are going to see  him date around when the premiere picks up. What could this mean? Is he telling us that Zoe is going to pick Wade?

Check out the Q&A below and weigh-in your thoughts!

Where does tonight’s premiere pick up?

  • The morning after the events on the finale. We needed to deliver on the promise of that episode immediately… to jump ahead, I think, would have been a disservice to the fan base.

So where is George at when we see him again?

  • He’s got a big smile on his face. He thinks he’s got a shot with Zoe… but he and Wade very quickly find out about each other.

Jaime King already hinted at George dating around. So is it safe to say Zoe makes up her mind by the end up the episode?

  • Yeah, it’s made pretty clear in the premiere which way she goes. I think I can say, based on a few casting announcements already made [Kelen Coleman, Laura Bell Bundy], that George will be dating and it will be a bit of a revolving door for him.

What is George like as a single man?

  • He’s a 15-year old boy in a 30-year old man’s body. He’s been with Lemon since he was 15. They’ve been a couple for half his life. He doesn’t know how to ask a girl out on a date and he doesn’t know how to break up with a girl, as was evident not he finale.

What kind of journey does George go down this season?

  • He has such a big heart. But he has to learn to make choices for himself as opposed to always thinking of how he can help others… I’d love to see George evolve and grow, but it’s tough to do with a character who has already left Bluebell and come back home. He’s worldly. He’s a grown up.

What sort of festivities can we look forward to this season in Bluebell?

  • There’s Bluebellapalooza [in which Porter will sing] and there’s a Halloween episode, which we didn’t get to shoot last year. Election Day is also a very big deal… There’s a lot of pride in this town, they turn everything into an event. I’m not sure if you can find that anywhere else on television.

Source: TV Fanatic