Hart of Dixie Spoilers: Rachel Bilson Teases A Lot of Love Triangle Romance in Season 2!

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August 9, 2012

Hart of Dixie star, Rachel Bilson discussed her latest CW series in an interview with Wetpaint at the CBS TCA All-Star Party. After the successful run of season one, Rachel teases that season 2 will cover another love-triangle action involving herself and co-stars, Scott Porter and Wilson Bethel. So if you’re team George or Team Wade, I hope you have your banners ready!

What are you looking forward to in Season 2?

Well, there’s definitely going to be a lot of love-triangle action. Team George vs. Team Wade. So that’s going to be fun to play with.

And now George has more of a chance, right?

Yes. George is single. So that leaves that option open, and it’s going to be fun.

The 30-year old actress was later asked if she was Pro-George or Pro-Wade, and guess what she tells us!

Are you more pro-George or pro-Wade?

I’m pretty neutral, I have to say.

What are the pros of each?

Wade’s character is the fun, bad boy, and George’s character is the more put together, responsible guy. So it’s a little bit of both. I guess it’s just personal preference.

Responsible versus the fun-boy, interesting choices to choose from. However, let’s not forget that these two hot bachelors aren’t the only people in Bluebell. After all, reports over new casts are already unveiled (Golden Brooks and Laura Bell Bundy) and hopefully more to come. Thankfully, Bilson teases that someone from Lavon’s past will be introduced as well!

Any new additions to the show that are going to pop in?

There’s going to be some new characters, and that’s going to be fun to play with, somebody from Lavon’s past. That will be cool.

That’s a wrap! Stay tuned for more Dixie updates! Hit the comments for your Team George and Team Wade shoutouts!

Source: Wetpaint

  • cgrant3

    team wade!!!
    george took too long to break it off with Lemon.
    screw him..you snooze you lose george!

    go wade!

  • FinchelForever!

    Team Wade FOREVER! George is boring and Wade is funn!

  • DM29

    Team Wadeee!! He would make her feel alive!!! George is kinda boring….