Hart of Dixie Spoilers: Meet the Family of Zoe’s New BF!

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September 19, 2013

joel-zoeLooks like Zoe is upping her game on the love arena on the upcoming third season of Hart of Dixie..

We’re still unbeknownst of why/where/how Zoe will meet her new prince, Joel (played by Dexter’s Josh Cooke) but we’re pretty damn certain that things between them are gonna go way too accelerated.

And by fast we don’t mean one-night-stand-hookups! I think you’ll agree when I say that Zoe has gotten already too much of THAT from Wade.

Anyhow..When the CW series returns, Zoe is taking a major leap of meeting Joel’s clan!

You get the gist right? Perhaps, AWKWARD is the key word for the impending meet-up. For details about this intel, here’s the full spoiler shared by E! Online:

Looks like things are getting serious between Zoe and new beau Joel, played by Josh Cooke, in season three. So serious that his family is coming to town to meet her! Fans will meet Sylvie, Joel’s sweet, warm and charming aunt, when she comes to Bluebell to celebrate Hanukkah with the couple. (Hmmm…no Chrismukkah celebration?!)

Hart of Dixie season 3 bows Monday, Oct. 7 on the CW.

  • Alexis

    NOOOOOOO! WHAT ABOUT WADE???? UGH. I’m upset now.

  • Carrie

    I know!!! This totally sucks! Seriously how many love interests can they give her on this show its reached beyond annoying now! Who the heck is this guy? R u kidding me! The writers need to fix what they ruined last year and bring Zoe and Wade back together not add yet another new boyfriend!!!

  • Alexis

    Girl, preach!!! It’s so dumb!! But apparently George is out of the running (finally)..but then they have to add this guy?? And then there’s still Jonah. Bottom line: I don’t care who he is, everyone knows Zoe and Wade have the best chemistry and it’s who the fans want together. It’s beyond frustrating! :/