Hart of Dixie Spoilers: George and Lemon Hide In a Closet… And Kiss???

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January 15, 2013

In an exclusive spoiler scoop from E! Online, an upcoming episode of Hart of Dixie was dished big time! Old lovers, Lemon and George has been teased to share an intimate moment inside the closet. But, is it for real? Find out the nits and grits below!

Well, they totally lock lips while hiding in a closet in an upcoming episode. Alright, full disclosure: They only kiss because they are pretending to be a married couple touring a house for sale. Why are they doing that? Because Lemon is convinced George’s new girlfriend is hiding something, and it’s her house they are snooping around in. So, yes, they kiss, but Lemon is really helping George dig up dirt on his girlfriend to make sure she’s legit. Not exactly a romantic task. Oh, and in case you are wondering, they do find something troubling while in the house.

‘Hart of Dixie’ airs Tuesdays on the CW.

  • Aria

    I wish George and Lemon would get back together! But from what I’ve read that won’t happen again. They’re both over for good. I guess George isn’t dating Zoe yet in this episode. I’m pretty sure they’re waiting until the end of the show to make them a couple. I really wish Zoe and Wade would stay together, but I guess the writers have something else entirely different in their minds. I love the addictingchemistry Zoe and Wade have! It makes the show so enjoyable to watch. Its aalways a roller coaster ride with them, which I just love! :)

  • DEE

    I am with you. LOVE Zoe and Wade together and the ups and downs they have. So glad they are a couple now and wish the writers won’t screw that up. I hope you are wrong with the guess that they will make George and Zoe a couple at the end of the season because I will be so so so pissed all summer. I will not be waiting for the return of Hart of Dixie in the fall if that happens. They have absolutely NO chemistry together. Zoe and Wade have it in bucket loads. Leave my favorite couple alone—p l e e e e e a s e !!!

  • mariah

    zoe and george belong together! so obvious!

  • http://twitter.com/TeamZade Wade & Zoe Fans

    Trust me, Wade will become a girl before Zoe and George endgame! Leila said “George and Zoe might not happened and we’re okay with that” and she’s realy happy with the WZ dynamic. Zade is endgame!!! They have what George and Zoe will NEVER have : chemistry!