Hart of Dixie Spoilers: Exec. Producer and Cast Members Tease Wade and Zoe and The Big Finale!

Hart of Dixie Spoilers: Exec. Producer and Cast Members Tease Wade and Zoe and The Big Finale!

Warning: Buckets and loads of spoilers ahead!

TV Equals was happy to share this bag of goodies to all of us Hart of Dixie fanatics. After the screening of tonight's episode, some of the cast -- Wilson Bethel and Cress WIlliams together with executive producer Leila Gerstein tease some significant events on the upcoming episodes and the big Bluebell finale!

- “Guns. An affair that’s out. My potential death.” – Cress Williams teasing the upcoming episodes.

- Next week’s episode “Destiny & Denial” is a huge episode for George in terms of how he reacts to the news of Lavon and Lemon’s affair. “Cue Scott Porter’s showcase.” – Wilson Bethel joking about the episode.

- There will be damage control for Lavon and Lemon’s relationship in future episodes.

- Lavon will try to mend bridges. He will try to make it right and salvage some sort of relationship with George.

- Lemon would do anything to get George back, and she will try almost anything. She’s at a low point.

- Lemon’s father Brick will notice that she is a bit delusional and next week’s episode is a big one for Lemon and Brick.

- Lavon and Lemon’s relationship evolves… Leila Gerstein teased that it’s possible there might be something more between them.

- The fact that George now knows about Lemon will change the whole dynamic of the George/Wade/Zoe love triange.

- Zoe will try to first fix the George relationship before Wade (you’ll understand what that means once you’ve seen the episode).

- Wilson Bethel described Wade and Zoe’s relationship as ebb and flow explaining that in this episode they are back to the ebb phase. However do not despair because he teased that by end of season they will probably be back to the flow phase and that the payoff is worth it at the end of the season. (Ooooohhhh!)

- Speaking of, Zoe and Wade are thrown back together in a race in episode 20 “The Race & the Relationship” (to air April 30) and they will definitely spend the whole episode together. And where it ends up at the end of that episode sets up what happens in the final episode.

- Lemon and Zoe are not at a place where they will be friends and won’t reach that by the end of the season.

- For those wondering, we won’t be seeing more of the Lemon’s mother storyline this season.

- Next week’s episode will have quite a few characters singing. Including guest star Scotty McCreery (American Idol).

- “The only think that I thought was weird was that he showed up with a bow and arrow.” – Wilson Bethel joking about Justin Hartley’s first day as a guest star

- Leila Gerstein teased that by the end of the season some things will be tied up some things will be blown wide open. There is an event, a very big one, but she wouldn’t tell us what.

- Reason to tune in to the finale (May 14th): Wade gets wet and needs to take his shirt off. Apparently he is shirtless 40% of episode. Just saying.

- By the end of the season somebody might find love outside of the established triangles. It will be a new romantic involvement with one of the main cast members. Now if that’s not a tease I don’t know what is!

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Source: TV Equals