Hart of Dixie Spoilers: EP Leila Gerstein Teases Subplots in Season 2 -- Lemon & Lavon Romance, Zoe's Mama Drama and More!

Hart of Dixie Spoilers: EP Leila Gerstein Teases Subplots in Season 2 -- Lemon & Lavon Romance, Zoe's Mama Drama and More!

Hart of Dixie season 2 has exposed already too much goodies about the love-triangle involving Zoe, George and Wade. This time, in an interview with TV Line, EP Leila Gerstein takes a shift from the whole 'Zoe-and-her-love-life' angle. Instead, the creator dished other subplots and new developments on the sophomore return of the CW series.

Read on and find out what the creator shared about Lemon and Lavon, Zoe's new girl Pal, and a lot more!

On George and Lemon being single

“All the girls in town are going to be in love with George. We are bringing on several love options for him along the way — including Zoe, obviously. And he sings again in Episode 2. So, a single side of George is very exciting.

Lemon is single for the first time in her life and has decided to move out of her father’s house, which means that she has to get a job.” (Spoiler Alert: Don’t worry, the Rammer Jammer gives her a shot.)

About new character Ruby (Golden Brooks) who is Lavon’s high school girlfriend and Lemon’s old nemesis

 “She comes in as an antagonist to both of them at first, but that will become its own [love] triangle. Ruby is the girlfriend that Zoe has really been looking for in Bluebell. But in these first two episodes, Ruby is crossing with Lavon in a way that he does not like. So, Zoe is torn between them.”

On Wade and george's friendship

“The boys together are amazing, and we’ll be seeing that a lot this season.”

Lemon and Lavon won’t be delving back into their onetime romance straight away

“I do feel like there is stuff left to be mined between the two of them. What we saw last year was really flashbacks; we didn’t see the beginning of a relationship with them, so I still think that there is potential… I strongly suspect that there will be a rekindling of feelings, at least on one side.”

More about Lemon

“She’ll always be the same Lemon, but I do feel like she is such an underdog this season that it really reshapes how you look at her. She’s been so beaten down by the beginning of this year… But she continues to be Lemon Breeland, and what people love about her, people will continue to love about her. Seeing Lemon try to date in the modern universe is going to be very hard, but it’s funny and interesting. We’ll just be seeing her in different fun, unique settings… I’m loving her this season.”

Lemon’s MIA mom (Meredith Monroe) in season 2

“I feel like we really played a lot of that last year, and I’m not sure what more there is to be said about it for now.”

Wade’s bar thing is on the backburner” in Season 2

“It will definitely come back up.”

About friendship between Zoe and Annabeth

“She has not thus far had major crosses with Zoe, but mainly because Lemon really needs her.”