Hart of Dixie Spoilers: Cress Williams Talks About Lavon's Re-Election Campaign, His Romantic Angle w/ Ruby & More!

Hart of Dixie Spoilers: Cress Williams Talks About Lavon's Re-Election Campaign, His Romantic Angle w/ Ruby & More!

TV Fanatic had a nice talk with Hart of Dixie actor Cress Williams where they discussed the post-premiere events on the CW sophomore series. Cress gave us a preview on his character's election campaign as well as Lavon's present condition in terms of dealing with the women in his lives -- Ruby (Golden Brooks) and Lemon (Jamie King).

Lavon is up for re-election. Is he going to be unopposed or are we going to see someone face off against the mayor with the 98% approval rating?

It would be boring television if someone didn’t. There will be some opposition.

In the premiere, we met Lavon’s ex-lover/high school sweetheart Ruby. Are we going to get a lot of Ruby/Lavon in the first part of season two? A possible reconciliation?

We are in midst of starting episode eight and she is still around. We will definitely see a lot more of her and things will get more complicated, especially in the next coming episodes will come out. Sparks will fly between Ruby and Lavon.

Are we going to have a love triangle or are Lemon and Lavon on the back burner?

I selfishly love Lemon and Lavon together. I wouldn’t say they are on the back burner, but I think with the introduction of Ruby you can tell that Lemon and Ruby have their own history that is not necessarily revolving around Lavon. There is still so much damage control; you know Lemon has her own issues about how to put her life back together.

I think initially they both have bigger things to attend to. Next episode I believe is the re-election, and that becomes a big focus for Lavon. I can tell you that it’s not over between [Lemon and Lavon]. They are just going to attend to some other things before that.

It seems like, from the premiere, that the tone of the show seems lighter. Is that tone still present where you are right now?

It is. I think the show, on some level, is a bit of a romantic comedy. I think for the most part we air more on the side of levity. But then we have some of that weight that keeps you grounded. But I agree with you, I feel like this season from the writers to the actors, we all have a stronger sense of what we’re doing. So we can walk that line better.

What else can you tease about Season 2?

You know there will be a re-election. I can tell you that through the course of the re-election a love-triangle will be formed. In the midst of the love triangle, in a lot of ways, the roles will be reversed from how they were in season one.

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