Hart of Dixie Spoilers: Actor Tim Matheson Talks About Directing Season 2, Letting Lemon Go and More!

Hart of Dixie Spoilers: Actor Tim Matheson Talks About Directing Season 2, Letting Lemon Go and More!

TV Fanatic interviewed veteran actor and director Tim Matheson also known as Brick Breeland of the CW's Hart of Dixie. On the interview, Tim shared his directorial experience during the season 2 premiere. He also teased some of the upcoming angles that will unravel this fall. However, with regards to his character Brick and his relationship with Lemon, the actor was quick to note that Brick had a difficult time letting go of Lemon. Read the rest of the Q&A below to find out more!

What was it like to direct the premiere?

It was really quite an honor to be asked to do it. I could be biased, but it’s one of my favorite casts to work with; everybody is so good. It’s a unique situation that I’ve only experienced once or twice before; where I get to act with the other actors, so you have this visceral kind of intimate connection with these people. Then I get to work with them behind the camera.

What attracted you to the role of Brick Breeland. He’s kind of a jerk!

I did sort of see that he was the nemesis to the extent he’s the counterpoint of Zoe coming to this town and she really is interfering with this “thing.” I loved that was the intention of the author, but in the south one can be in opposition of somebody and yet still have a gentlemanly veneer, seemingly nice, but underneath it is nothing but venom. I liked that kind of character that says one thing and then feels another underneath it.

Brick obviously has some romantic feelings for Emily. Are we going to be getting more of that? Poor guy hasn’t had much in the romantic department?

I [as Brick] was actually smooching on the couch last night with Emily.

There definitely is action with Emily?

Yes, and then there is a lot of twists and turns in his romantic life this season. So far we’ve done several and there will be many more crazier and crazier happening in his romantic world.

Lemon has moved out. Is he going to have a hard time letting her go or is he going to step back and let her be?

It is a hard thing to let her go. Selfishly because she runs the family in the house and she takes care of stuff so he doesn’t have to and we get into that. Also him having to deal with the fact that he hasn’t been much of a father in many ways. Ultimately, at some point, you say, “well yeah, they should go” and step back. Otherwise it’s selfish to keep holding on.

We saw in the first season a lot of denial from Brick about his wife leaving him. Are we going to touch base on that some more? Is Brick going to finally realize that it’s time to move on?

Exactly. I think you need to close that door on one chapter before you can move onto the next. You need to accept that that is over and he was using that as an excuse not to engage and he had some fairytale explanation and rationalization about what it was.

What do you think should be answered about Brick this season? What would like to see more of from Brick?

I love Brick’s interaction with his children because I am deeply involved with my kids. I do love that they are allowing Brick to have a love life and the ups and downs of a divorced mature man who has grown kids.

We saw Brick kind of warm up to Zoe towards the end of the first season. In last night’s episode he wasn’t too happy with her because she was the reason George ended his engagement with Lemon. Will he ever fully accept Zoe; treat her as an equal? Or is that push and pull what makes their relationship so good?

I think he respects her. She is his daughter’s age and he can relate to her on that level, she has also accomplished a lot as a person. But I think there is a part of him that doesn’t accept her. I think her problems have caused a lot of difficulties for Lemon and Brick and his life would be a lot easier if she hadn’t showed up. I think there is a lot of resentment and Brick’s life would be a lot simpler if she went away.

Source: TV Fanatic