Hart of Dixie Season 3 First Look + Spoilers: Cast Expansion, A Regretful George & Zoe’s Wonderful Summer

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September 4, 2013

Hart of Dixie showrunner Leila Gerstein previewed the upcoming arcs for the Bluebell denizens when season 3 of the CW dramedy returns.

Note that the new season will pickup five months after the finale and finds “no one where we expect them to be — both physically and emotionally,” the EP reveals.

The network has also released a first look photo of season 3 featuring Lemon Breeland and Dash DeWitt. Why do you think Lemon is wearing her frowny face inside the chapel?


You may weigh-in in the comments after checking out the latest Dixie spoilers below:

Zoe and George:

Zoe, for her part, had “a wonderful summer” in New York, while George — whose on/off love connection with the darling doc “has run its course for the foreseeable future” — used his time away to “realize that he let Tansy go too fast and should have fought for her,” the EP shares.

Wade and Lemon:

And next we see Wade, he’ll still be plugging away at the Rammer Jammer alongside Lemon, who is enjoying “a mysterious secret relationship with someone.”

Annabeth and Lavon:

As for Annabeth and Lavon, “We love them!” Gerstein gushes. “We’re putting that relationship front and center.” (But expect Lavon’s cousin to create tension for the twosome.)

More new characters to be introduced:

“We’re growing our world” even more in Season 3, Gerstein teases. “We’ll meet Brick’s mother, [Zoe's father] Harley Wilkes’ family and also Annabeth’s parents for the first time.” Don’t get too excited, though: Zoe doesn’t have any siblings running around town. “Harley doesn’t have other kids,” the EP assures; the new faces are “just Zoe’s cousins.”

Source: TV Line

Season 3 of Hart of Dixie airs Monday, Oct. 7 at 8pm on the CW.

  • Alexis


  • Caro

    I HATE ZADE so this is HORRIBLE news!

  • Liza

    Ugh! I hate Zade!!!!

  • Caro

    So disgusted with Dixie! I won’t be watching until the showrunners give Zeorge a chance! I’ll check the recaps online and if there is no Zeorge then I’ll just wipe the ep from my DVR! It is wrong to lead a fanbase on for two seasons and not offer any kind of payoff!

  • Tamz

    This show started with Zoe and George from the VERY FIRST episode and now its over. Well if that’s how its going to be played out I wont be watching. How long do you think Zoe has to wait for Wade to grow up and turn into a ” George like” character

  • Carrie

    Hope the writers bring back Zoe and Wade! They are so much fun to watch. I love Zoe and I love George but together they were too much of a snooze fest. Every time they were on together ild end up switching the channel. They were too much alike and the chemistry was always off. It was kind of painful too watch. But Zoe and Wade always made me laugh really loved them hope the writers fix the mess they made with them last season and give us more Zade!

  • Debbie

    Really hope this is true and Zoe and Wade get back together. I absolutely love them they are so much fun to watch! Please no more George and Zoe they are so boring together don’t think I can watch if it goes that way. Can’t stand them together! I’m hoping for Zade all the way!