Hart of Dixie Season 2 Episode 12 “Islands In The Stream” Photos

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January 16, 2013

Check out the official promotional photos of Hart of Dixie season 2 episode 12 “Islands In The Stream”, airing on Tuesday, Jan. 22 on the CW.

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    Looking forward to it :-)


  • Aria

    And here we go. George and Zoe being forced together, when Wade and Zoe just admitted finally they liked each other. I don’t like that the writers are making this into a huge love triangle. I also can’t stand George’s mom! She was awful to Lemon ,and wants to control George’s life completely! Poor Wade, I wonder how he will feel when he finds out what happened… If I didn’t love this show so much and cared about the ratings I would just skip this episode for good! Come on writers. We need more stories going on.I want to see Annabeth and Lemon hook up with someone, and get to be happy as well.

  • BamaFloridaGal

    The triangle is getting ridiculous and old, and having George’s parents kidnap George and Zoe because they think these two young people are meant to be together due to the fact that
    they are at the same professional level… it is well beyond absurd. C’mon, show more imagination than this! But, if we are going to have such “kidnap” then we also need to have Wade’s reaction to it. Why?
    Because from all characters, regardless of his lack of education, Wade is a deep person with honest feelings; he has proven to be loyal to his friends (he will not get all John Wayne with George to win Zoe’s heart), caring (cooked gumbo for Zoe without getting any recognition for it at the contest), self-less ( he asked Zoe to call her Dad to perform surgery on George’s dad) and caring (at church expresses support to his Dad on his endeavor to be Santa for a night). George and Lemon used
    Zoe as an excuse to break a relationship that was doomed before Zoe came into town ( remember he did not want Lemon to call him while in NY). Since they were scared of the town gossip, having Zoe be the cause of the break-up provided for a diversion and a target for the town gossip. Very dishonest! Cancelling his wedding was not a grand-romantic gesture as he put Zoe out there as a
    wedding-wrecker, in a small southern town where these things matter to a reputation. George is a man with a degree who is very ignorant, who believes that his place is with Zoe because of their compatibility at the educational level (seeking his first date he tells the female volleyball player that he is an attorney so she would go out with him); he scorned Zoe after he discovers
    that Wade and Zoe slept together the night of his wedding. He is not that different from Lemon, what is different is his overall behavior that is much more humane and kinder, after all he has a good heart. Zoe is very immature and insecure, but she is getting used to this little town with its unusual
    festivals and deep sense of community. What it would be nice to see? Wade and Zoe declaring love for each other rather than liking each other (a relationship is more than liking someone), have Judson come back and stir the pot, send Earl to rehab and be a father and part of the community (plenty of fun seeing him learning to be sober), have Emily and Shelby in the same room (I can almost picture
    Brick handling it!), George standing up to his parents and making a decision on
    his own, George finding someone who sweeps him from his feet and teaches him about real love and true commitment and loyalty (Tansy or someone else), Wade growing with Zoe and continuing the improvements he was pursuing at the end of season 1 and in season 2 before the winter hiatus; Lemon needs a strong character man to tame her!. Living in the deep-south I can recognize the Wades and Zoes that I personally know who have loving, lasting relationships and yet are always having arguments. Like Lavon said, it is all about the way people handle their differences what at the end determines the fate of the relationship. One more recommendation, bring an actor with as much charisma as Wilson Bethel, someone like Scott Michael Foster (Cappie in the TV series
    Greek), it will be fun! Nice characters with a lot of potential if the writers truly know the ways of the deep-south.