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Hart of Dixie Season 2 Episode 11 "Old Alabama" Guide

Hart of Dixie Season 2 Episode 11 "Old Alabama" Guide

Check out the official guide of Hart of Dixie season2 episode 11 "Old Alabama" -- which airs on Tuesday, Jan. 15 on the CW.


  • With Lavon (Cress Williams) preoccupied with his personal life, he lets his Mayoral duties slip at the worst time, as BlueBell’s Pioneer Day is fast approaching and a reporter from Southern Living magazine is in town.
  • Seeing that he needs help, Zoe (Rachel Bilson) and Wade (Wilson Bethel) volunteer to help him out by playing BlueBell’s “Founding Couple.”
  • Zoe is also trying a new tact when it comes to her relationship with Wade, which has her taking on many new projects.
  • Lemon (Jaime King) and AnnaBeth (Kaitlyn Black) devise a plan to get Lavon to let them cater the First Feast, in order to get some publicity for their new business.
  • Meanwhile, George (Scott Porter) gives advice to Brick (Tim Matheson) on how to handle his new relationship.

Source: CW