Hart of Dixie Season 2 Episode 10 “Blue Christmas” Promo

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December 5, 2012

Here is the mid-season finale promo for Hart of Dixie season 2 episode 10 “Blue Christmas” airing next Tuesday on the CW.

  • Monica

    Cant get the video to load. I love the show and its light hearted nature. That being said however, the sex fest between zoey and wade is getting boring. Why not get over it and move on to the George and zoey storyline. Dating, newlyweds, babies…there is so much fun that can be written into it! Wade would be great with lemon, she needs a guy like him!!

  • http://www.spoilersguide.com/ Matej

    What browser are you using? Try Google Chrome and update your Flash.

  • jody

    wade and zoe are perfect for each other. the last two episode were just fine so far..zoe and george nahh… BORING! its always the opposite who falls attract!..madly!…. at the end it will be ZADE always!!! :)