Hart of Dixie Scoop: Who is Lemon Breeland In Lavon's Eyes?

Hart of Dixie Scoop: Who is Lemon Breeland In Lavon's Eyes?

KSite TV was able to catch an interview with Cress Williams who plays the role of Mayor Lavon Hayes on CW's Hart of Dixie. If you were able to watch last week's episode where all secrets poured out between Levon and his love interest in the show, Lemon Breeland -- you might find this scoop interesting.

We all know for a fact that Lemon Breeland defines a very sophisticated lady. She embodies a woman of power, wealth, and beauty. She's even the well-known daughter of Bluebell's most respected doctor. But inspite of all these tantalizing words, it is an unhidden reputation of Lemon to be a little bit on the manipulative side. Being the daughter of Bluebell's most respected doctor certainly has its own list of privileges.

Just to refresh your memory, Lemon felt threatened by Lavon's former love interest, Didi. To make things more comfortable for her, she offered Didi a job in Montgomery, Alabama as her little ruse to get Didi off from Lavon's sight.

Yes, Lemon Breeland knows her magic. However, it is a big wonder to all of us that Mayor Levon Hayes seems to be really hooked on that kind of Lemon-potion. KSite TV asks, “why does Lavon put up with Lemon in the first place?”

“I think the Lemon that the world sees is not the Lemon that I see. When we’re alone, that prissy Southern Belle facade goes away. We’re honest, and it’s that honest Lemon that I fall in love with,” he explains. If they’re that compatible, is there a chance they could get back together? “You know what? Anything’s possible. What’s great about our show is that just about anything’s possible. There’s no door that is closed forever.”

What do you think HOD fans? Do you adore Lemon as much as the mayor? Tell us why! Be heard and comment below.

Source: KSite TV