Pre-Finale & Finale Blowout Spoilers on the CW's Hart of Dixie!

Pre-Finale & Finale Blowout Spoilers on the CW's <em>Hart of Dixie</em>!


With deepest thanks to Michael Ausiello from TV Line, we'd like to spread these loads and buckets of pre-finale and finale spoilers coming up on your most-wanted TV shows ! ! !

Without further adieu, here are the happenings you shouldn't miss on ---

TV show on spotlight: Hart of Dixie -- CW

If Tomorrow Never Comes

PRE-FINALE EPISODES | First a disclaimer from Dixie creator Leila Gerstein: “Zoe is in the middle of a nervous breakdown” — which we'll soon witness — “since Wade cheated on her. As such, we should be seeing the remaining episodes through the lens of someone who has just had their heart obliterated.” Got it? Good. “Zoe may think that she's now in love with George, and she may be,” teases the EP, “but don't think that all hope for Zoe and Wade is lost.” Other Dixie deets of note: Brick's illness will be unveiled sooner rather than later, “smooth sailing” awaits new loves Annabeth and Lavon and Lemon and Wade will experience more than a few growing pains in their Rammer Jammer venture. As for George and his gal, Gerstein shares, “After things with him and Zoe reach a head, Tansy's not going to be happy about it — as should be expected.”

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MAY 7 SEASON FINALE | “This is 100 percent not meant to be a series ender,” Gerstein laughs. “We leave on a cliffhanger, with everyone being sent off for the summer [and our plans to] pick up in Season 3 after some time had passed.” That said, “The finale is kind of satisfying for everyone,” she promises. The hour will showcase a more “grown up side” to Lemon and Wade — with both (finally) enjoying “a lovely victory in the end.” And, following her breakdown, Zoe will head home to New York — but just “for some distance;” not for good. For all the 'shippers out there, expect some standout Wade/Zoe, Zoe/George, Lemon/Lavon and Zoe/Jonah moments during the final installment.

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