Hart of Dixie Season 2: Not A Slum Dunk For Renewal

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May 3, 2012

Update: Hart of Dixie has been officially renewed for season 2!

Hart of Dixie Season 2 RenewalCan we still have more of Bluebell’s love-triangle in Hart of Dixie season 2? Check out our exclusive roundup for the future of Dr. Zoe Hart!

Hart of Dixie premiered on the CW last September 26, 2011 at 9pm following Gossip Girl. The pilot episode received a 0.8 ratings with an average of 1.70 million viewers of 18-49 age bracket. According to a source, the show was considered a least priority of the network. Thus receiving a small amount of promotion compared to the Ringer which was reported to be cancelled due to its poor ratings.

Nevertheless, I now find the show unmistakably impressive. Who knows what could have happened if the CW had given it the exposure it needed? For the record, Hart of Dixie even fared better than the Ringer — with only that little of promotions. Like I said, impressive.

However, the show’s lead star Rachel Bilson who plays the role of Dr. Zoe Hart I’m afraid did not please one two many critics after the pilot airing. Some critics stated that Rachel Bilson was unconvincing as a doctor and even described her as a “more like a high-priced call girl”. Furthermore, both TV Guide and Robert Bianco of USA Today stated that the show is potentially offensive to the South.

Although the show received quite distasteful remarks, I believe that the show still has hope. As a matter of fact, TV by the numbers predicted that the show is a toss up between renewal or cancellation by May, 2012. I know that that’s only a 50-50 chance, still you can keep your fingers crossed. It’s better to have something to hold on to instead of nothing, right?

Another good news is, on May 1. Hart of Dixie charted with 1.3 mil/0.6 viewers — getting an increased 20 percent (or a tenth) in the demo!

Not bad right? Of course, you can always hold onto the fact that it fared way better than Sarah Michelle Gellar’s the Ringer if you’re a little worried. However, let us know your thoughts if you care to disagree with the unsatisfied critics. Support Hart of Dixie for season 2 and stay tuned to Spoilers Guide for more updates!

  • J_c_leo

    This show has all the true gritty raw emotion that comes with the human experience. Love, lust, remorse, hope, fear, sadness, and elation. And that is only to mention a few. Anyone who has ever been human, who has ever lived, can connect to each of these feelings, and anyone who cannot connect to these feelings can watch this show and know what it is to truly be in the center of the storm that is life. Good work to the writers, producers, directors, actors. Please don’t cancel.

  • Kirstyblackshaw27

    Im from England and i love this programme. Please let there be a season 2! Wade is gorgeous lol

  • Joe_jov

    Season 2 Pleaseeeeeee… Not much show like hart of dixie airing anymore.

  • welljelbelle

    omg it so needs a second season i totally fell in love with this series and want to visit Alabama just to hear the accents again :)

  • Marianne

    Oh i wanted so bad, that Zoe moved away and Wade rushing off to get her back… I’m not sure i like George.. He’s too….. perfect… Wade is so amazing..
    And when he took his shirt of in the final episode I kind of had a “Jacob-moment”… *sigh*

  • ks

    if there is no season 2 ill cry.

  • dave

    I look forward to Hart of Dixie each week.hope they don’t cancel it

  • Lisa

    It’s on here in the UK at the minute just up to episode 10 I think. I love it. Makes my Monday evenings better!! Really wanted Zoe to hook up wih George but Wade is rather scummy too. Choices choices…

  • veronica

    How could CW think that this show is not worth renewing? Too little viewers eh? Well promote it more! And what do these critics know about doctors anyway? Where did they get their info from? ER? House? Gray’s Anatomy? Please…I’m a med student and I can relate to her, that’s good enough for me. The characters are relatable, and the storyline is funny and at the same time heart warming. I’d rather come home and watch this then some of the crap that gets airtime for only reasons I can’t begin to imagine.

  • http://www.facebook.com/iris.taylor.5015 Iris Taylor

    U know what TV now a days have gotten really good at getting u into watching something and then taking it from you. If the CW cancelles the show all hope for tv now a days will be lost on my part and my family part.

  • Friesian_cowgirl

    They have to bring it back hart of Dixie is my fav show I liked the ringer too I really aish they hadnt stopped one tree hill I watch cw channel all the time! Bring the ringer back too!

  • Webb

    I love this show I had season 1 series linked to record the episodes so I wouldn’t miss an episode. Waiting for season 2 to come out…….

  • Jess

    I LOOVEE THIS SHOW. I can wait for the next season, but it better come!

  • regina bright

    please bring it back… im having withdrawls!!!

  • regina bright

    please bring it back… im having withdrawls!!!

  • Viewer


  • Denise Payne

    I love this program and I am 62 – my daughters in their 30′s love it and we want more of Zoe – she is believable in her character and we love watching her and the other characters in Hart of Dixie… please bring it back for season 2, 3 and 4…

  • Denise Payne

    I love this program and I am 62 – my daughters in their 30′s love it and we want more of Zoe – she is believable in her character and we love watching her and the other characters in Hart of Dixie… please bring it back for season 2, 3 and 4…

  • Layla

    I am from South Africa and I absolutely LOVE Hart of Dixie!!! I can’t wait for season 2.
    I like George and Wade but I really hope she chooses George :)
    It’s so entertaining and Rachel Bilson is AMAZING!! I love her…she’s actually the reason I started watching Hart of Dixie

  • TinaDane

    I’m from Denmark and have been watching the show religiously online (they are showing the 1 season on tv soon here in DK) and I can’t wait for the next season and are hoping for at least 6 or 7 seasons in the future. I just love this show!!!
    I’ve even started watching the first season all over again to try to mend my HD withdrawals.
    It would be a huge mistake to cancel this wonderful show, when there are so many viewers all over the world that love,cherish and are addicted to this show

  • b

    I love this show, It is m favourite show! I love how cute bluebell is and how southern it is! I love love love george and zoe <3! And i love wade, he's a hottie and has such a fun personality! I can see why zoe is conflicted but I still hope for george in the end, he's such a sweetheart and I see them fitting well together. Please don't cancel this show, it is unbelievable and i have fallen in love with it!

  • Chrissy

    I love the show! Can’t wait to see what happens between Zoe and Wade. There has to be a season 2!

  • Sharifa

    Hi, I am also from South Africa and I am nuts about HART OF DIXIE. I love all the stars especially Dr Zoe Hart. I hope she chooses George. Looking forward to watching season 2.

  • Claire

    This show is great..I abso love it:)..I only started watching hart of dixie 2 days ago online and i have finished watching the whole season..This is the best show that is out there at the min because theres really not a hole range of shows to watch.Rachel Bilson is amazing in it .I love her..I really want to see who does zoe pick ..I hope its wade..so i hope they make more then just 1 more season :)

  • newiii

    I am form Latvia, I had seen all 1 season episode, and I can’t wait for season 2. Really want to know who will Zoe choose :)

  • RJ

    I love HoD. It’s great it’s renewed. Ms. Ocampo please have your piece proof read. This is not a strong portfolio piece as there are many grammatical and punctuation errors. It’s not clear, nor concise (too many extra words). If you’re an intern, your supervisor did a poor job of supervising. The content is good and your opinions aren’t off, but there are many errors. Clean it up and this is a good piece. RJ

  • CarinaHODfanDK

    I’m with all the people here on the site! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this show and it would be a huge humungous mistake to cancel this show, I am from Denmark too Like TinaDane and I felt the biggest need to follow the series online on streaming sites and I’ve seen it from sometimes early in the morning till 10 in the evening, sometimes later and that season finale – MY GOD! if that is how it all ends, I’m going to be shockingly disappointed! but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Hart of Dixie <3

  • Lou

    Don’t cancel Hart of Dixie!!! I love this show!!!!

  • BANG

    I hope Zoey has her ACT together … that CRAP with george made her look BAD.


    Wade the HEART and SOUL of the show…..

  • NO






  • Suzy

    We must have 2nd series of Hart of Dixie!!!!!!!!! My daughter told me about it and I was hooked. Love all of the characters ESPECIALLY WADE – WOW! We need more Wade. I have told all of my friends in the UK about it and they are enjoying it. The show wasn’t advertised much?

  • la_smyler

    I loved this series and feel the critics are unfair. “Unconvincing as a doctor” – why? Because she is a pretty, petite, stylishly dressed female with a life? Such individuals can be doctors too – trust me! ;-) The programme has a light touch with the medical details which is entirely appropriate – it’s not about the medicine, it’s about the people.

    Very much in support of Season 2 and please to hear that there is a UK TV channel looking to acquire it.