Hart of Dixie Season 2: Not A Slum Dunk For Renewal

Hart of Dixie Season 2: Not A Slum Dunk For Renewal

Update: Hart of Dixie has been officially renewed for season 2!

Hart of Dixie Season 2 RenewalCan we still have more of Bluebell's love-triangle in Hart of Dixie season 2? Check out our exclusive roundup for the future of Dr. Zoe Hart!

Hart of Dixie premiered on the CW last September 26, 2011 at 9pm following Gossip Girl. The pilot episode received a 0.8 ratings with an average of 1.70 million viewers of 18-49 age bracket. According to a source, the show was considered a least priority of the network. Thus receiving a small amount of promotion compared to the Ringer which was reported to be cancelled due to its poor ratings.

Nevertheless, I now find the show unmistakably impressive. Who knows what could have happened if the CW had given it the exposure it needed? For the record, Hart of Dixie even fared better than the Ringer -- with only that little of promotions. Like I said, impressive.

However, the show's lead star Rachel Bilson who plays the role of Dr. Zoe Hart I'm afraid did not please one two many critics after the pilot airing. Some critics stated that Rachel Bilson was unconvincing as a doctor and even described her as a "more like a high-priced call girl". Furthermore, both TV Guide and Robert Bianco of USA Today stated that the show is potentially offensive to the South.

Although the show received quite distasteful remarks, I believe that the show still has hope. As a matter of fact, TV by the numbers predicted that the show is a toss up between renewal or cancellation by May, 2012. I know that that's only a 50-50 chance, still you can keep your fingers crossed. It's better to have something to hold on to instead of nothing, right?

Another good news is, on May 1. Hart of Dixie charted with 1.3 mil/0.6 viewers -- getting an increased 20 percent (or a tenth) in the demo!

Not bad right? Of course, you can always hold onto the fact that it fared way better than Sarah Michelle Gellar's the Ringer if you're a little worried. However, let us know your thoughts if you care to disagree with the unsatisfied critics. Support Hart of Dixie for season 2 and stay tuned to Spoilers Guide for more updates!