Hart of Dixie’s Love Triangle is Coming in Full Swing!

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April 12, 2012

Last week’s episode astounded us with Lemon Breeland’s kissing action with Mayor Levon Hayes with ONLY George as their audience. Talk about ‘goodbye wedding’?
Our Bluebell lawyer must be so heartbroken. Poor Georgey! Although that has been such terrible news, maybe it’s just a matter of time for him to realize that he deserves more and by more we mean, Dr. Zoe Hart!

E! Online spoils us with a love triangle romance in Hart of Dixie’s upcoming first season finale! Now that George is on and very available in the market again, how is Wade going to handle his new competition?

Four words: Wade. In. A. Tuxedo. Need more than four words? Let’s just say he comes to an important realization about Zoe while wearing said tuxedo that should make fans of the couple pretty darn happy. Alas, there are plenty of moments that’ll please Zoe and George fans as well. This love triangle is so on.

Source: E! Online