Hart of Dixie Latest Set of Promotional Posters

Hart of Dixie Latest Set of Promotional Posters

"Soulmates aren't always attached."
"Revenge can bring old friends together."

These are just some of the taglines included in this latest set of promotional posters of CW's Hart of Dixie. The series stars Rachel Bilson as Dr. Zoe Hart, a cardiothoracic surgeon from New York. However, a life turning event happened and her fate brought her to the small town of Bluebell Alabama where she was overwhelmed by a very orthodox kind of lifestyle. Being a woman from a fast-paced city, she had a hard time trying to fit in at first. But eventually, her innate dexterity as a surgeon and her good intentions for Bluebell paved the way for her to finally blend in.

The following photos below feature Zoe and some of the major cast.
Lemon Breeland is the classy daughter of Bluebell's most respected doctor, George Tucker is the town's lawyer then there's Wade Kinsella, Bluebell's guy-next-door. All of them will get caught under Zoe's web on a series of defining circumstances.

Don't get confused though, I know that it's just a bunch of caption juxtaposed on a series of images but notice the body language among the cast. In my opinion, that definitely spells a multitude of possibilities. Bluebell may just be a small town but it can launch a myriad of great happenings.


Catch Hart of Dixie, Mondays on the CW.

Source: RachelBilsonFan.net