Hart of Dixie Invites Night Court Funny Man, Charlie Robinson

Hart of Dixie Invites <i>Night Court</i> Funny Man, Charlie Robinson

And then there were two. Alright, allow me to elaborate.

The news regarding Golden Brooks to play Dr. Zoe Hart's old pal in the CW dramedy, Hart of Dixie has a follow-up. In an article from The Hollywood Reporter, it is reported that Zoe's old pal will be tagging another character in her visit and it will be no other than, old grandpa. Furthermore, the role was handed to veteran actor, Charlie Robinson.

When Ruby Jeffries (played by Girlfriends alum Golden Brooks) comes back to town, she'll be bringing her surly grandfather with her in the form of Night Court funnyman Charlie Robinson.
The veteran actor, whose credits include everything from St. Elsewhere to The Secret Life of the American Teenager,has booked a recurring role as Sgt. Jeffries.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter