‘Hart of Dixie’ In Between Renewal and Cancellation For Season 3

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March 9, 2013

UPDATE: Hart of Dixie is now predicted as ‘a sure thing’ for season 3!

hartofdixie10-328x400Are we saying buh-bye to Hart of Dixie season 3?

We’ve rounded-up the show’s chances of being renewed or junked for the 2013-2014 fall lineup. Here are the facts:

Hart of Dixie opened season 2 with an unimpressive premiere, it drew 1.54 million total viewers and a 0.7 rating. The episodes that followed garnered weak numbers as well, vacillating in between 0.5 and 0.6 percent in ratings until the last aired episode on its Tuesday 8pm berth on the CW.

As far as TV competition goes, HOD has been playing with the big guys. It is going against NCIS and Raising Hope every Tuesday night on CBS and FOX respectively. With these two huge performers going head-to-head each week, it’s not too surprising that Hart of Dixie is being outnumbered. Hence, the weak ratings. The show is hovering in between cancellation or renewal for season 3.

Despite the show’s remarkable fan base, one of the most talked about on our site actually — we’re still worried about its sustainability. Thus far, the CW network has only picked-up three series for the fall lineup this year — Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries and Arrow.

Do you think Hart of Dixie deserves to get a renewal?

  • Shannon32

    I hope so! I look forward to it every Tuesday night! The CW really doesn’t have much else worth watching right now.

  • emma

    hech yeah

  • http://twitter.com/TeamZade Wade & Zoe Fans

    Renewed without a doubt.

  • http://twitter.com/annastm Anna :)

    Renewed of course :) best show eveeeerr!

  • Laura Donohue

    Yes, yes, yes!! Such a great show! Awesome, loveable characters

  • http://twitter.com/larilari1 Larisa Velasco

    Of course!!! CW must renew this show.

  • cait

    they have to!!! they don’t have enough time left with season 2 to convincingly wrap up any romantic story line for zoe!

  • Maki

    They should reNew it ! It is really getting good now, not that it ever was bad. But with Jonah there, I don’t know what Zoey will do.

  • momof2

    Please!!! This is my one hour a week “mom” time where everyone leaves me alone! Love this show!

  • Jenny

    I am hoping for a renewal all the way from Sweden! The only show worth watching at the moment.


    I hope they renew it i just started watching it but i watched all the episodes in one day and i am hoping zoey and george end up together.PLEASE RENEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • laura

    it has to be renewed !!

  • http://www.facebook.com/melissa.kentish1 Melissa Kentish

    first The O.C and now Hart of Dixie??? Please renew for another a season!!!!!

  • Angela

    Yes! Rachel Bilson is my hero ever since The OC….wouldn’t want to go a week without her as Zoe Hart

  • Drea

    Without a doubt love this show just catching up with season 2 all the way from Scotland
    they cant cancel now! More should be done to publicise it in the UK.

  • jessica t

    Uh most definately!! one of the only clean shows left on tv. watched all of season 1 on netflix in like 2-3 days

  • Lina


  • mkbrock

    if Supernatural can remain on the cw then HOD sure as hell should. Supernatural was slated for cancellation back two seasons ago, and now it’s being renewed. DEMAND WHAT YOU WANT!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/diana.gorea Diana Gorea


  • caleewa

    YES!!! RENEW RENEW RENEW! It’s my favorite show!!!

  • juji

    renewal idiotssss

  • Akp43

    Please renew. I absolutely love this show.

  • deary

    yep reneww !!!and who watches Arrow WT*

  • Wade fan

    I love this show! Theres nothing else even close to it on TV! Its the only show I watch on a weekly basis. Please renew it!

  • Hgajs,

    I absoloutly love this show. <3 RENEW.


    I love this show so much! RENEW!

  • Marz


  • Shannon24

    I just started watching Hart of Dixie and caught up on Season 1 via Netflix and now I am hooked. It needs a better night because I cannot compete with the Juggarnauts on Tuesday because those shows have been around for many seasons and have a solid place. I am not sure what night it should be on, but put it on a better night and with a better intro TV show prior to it. I want it renewed gosh darn it and I want Wade and Zoey back together and hate that the writers took the cop out way. The WB/UPN and now THE CW have a bad habit of keeping bad shows and giving up on really good shows too soon or bringing shows back who already had a series finale (ex: Veronica Mars, Seventh Heaven : brought back because The Execs at CW thought bringing that show back would garnish more viewership than giving Vernoica Mars a 4th season bad move and have made bad moves since). I have been a huge fan of Supernatural since day 1 and over the seasons have seen their ratings/fans grow and now they are the juggarnaut of the CW and look at what Supernatural was able to accomplish.. They were moved to Friday to die, budget cut and yet still produced great episodes and the fan base and ratings kept going up. Do the same for Hart of Dixie. Trust that it is a good show and find its nook and watch it grow and therefore we do not lose another good show too soon and get stuck with more not so good shows like Gossip Girl, revamp of 90210, America’s Next Top Model. I have seen their ratings and throughout their runs they all have had less than stellar ratings even worse than some of the shows the network axed and yet they keep getting renewed. The CW also made a mistake of not find their niche and they have had a clear niche if they follow it. i.e Comedy with hart of Dixie and sci fi/action/fantasy with shows like Arrow/ Smallville or other DC Comic based shows. It is no wonder that the CW is losing money because they keep investing too much and for too long in the wrong shows who have less ratings than they do and that is even when other networks do not have their big shows on. Just remember to keep the show funny, light, and find all sorts of fun scripts just like the 1st season instead of more cop outs because seriously Wade cheating really came out of left field and they could of made more funny episodes with them or chosen other outlets if they wanted to see them apart for awhile. I also like it when Brick and Zoey bicker and what about their competition to keep 30 percent so the other can keep their part of the business or Lemon scheming. I am not a fan of Tansy, so they can let her go for awhile. Bring in more of Shelly she is funny. This show has such great potential just do not give up on it so fast or we may have to pull a Chuck..”Anyone a fan of Chuck?” I was and instead of writing to the execs or sending stuff to them we campaign through Subway meaning buy buying subway sandwiches we showed our support and believe me we got 5 seasons out of this show because they were always an 11th hour renewal and NBC never gave it the proper treatment or the proper slot, but it persevered. Plus, Subway got richer just by the outpour of fans like this show apparently has as well. Networks think that if it is not a giant hit right out of the gate than it should be cancelled and even 8 million on some networks is not enough. The networks wonder why people are not watching TV or investing in things? Why should we when we do and it is not performing or hitting the right target it should get pulled. Why invest if it is only to get pulled like Moonlight on Friday was pulling 8 Million and CBS Cancelled it. The CW could have picked it up and garnished a nice show with an already built in fan base and could have paired it with Supernatural since they are doing Vampires now. The CW needs to wake up and realize when they have a great show and keep it and invest in it and let it grow. The same with other networks, but the CW is the worse.

  • Marie Jeffries

    Definitely renewed, look forward to it each week. Big Zoe/Wade fan.

  • jay

    Yes renew this show it is awesome love it I’m also a massive fan of supernatural and was so happy with its early pick up so would be thrilled to have this show renewed as well please renew

  • Copper yo

    Hope it’s renewed!! The only show I really can’t miss..plus zoe and wade need to get back together

  • Huge fan

    I love Heart of Dixie! It is my must see every week!

  • Huge fan

    This show is my guilty pleasure! I can’t wait to see each new episode! I love the small town, characters and everything southern. PLEASE renew!!!!!!!

  • lizzy

    renew please!!!!! and please somehow get George and Zoe together!

  • Zoe and George fan

    I hope Hart of Dixie gets renewed! I look forward to Tuesday nights just for this show.

  • LadyLaura

    Please renew!! I love Heart of Dixie!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jkatiej21 Katie James

    Please please RENEW!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/laura.deeds.duttweiler Laura Deeds Duttweiler

    A delightful quirky show with an obvious following…even if watched “on demand” or Hulu;as long as the writing remains fresh…let the season 3 option happen! PLEASE



  • tina

    renewal.one of my favourite shows

  • Lindev

    Yes of course hart of Dixie has to be renewed. Just love this show. Greetings from a wet and windy Ireland.


    Please renew!

  • gg

    I watch the other shows too but Hart of Dixie remains my favourite

  • ashley

    My favorite show.I’ve been hooked since episode 1. I watch all the episodes on the cw website so not sure if they are able to count online viewers as ratings. Let’s just hope they read all the comments on webpages and youtube vids to see how much people love this show. (especially me!)

  • Dwest530

    Please renew, it’s such a fun show to watch each week! I love the setting and the chemistry between the cast. All around great tv series!

  • Ramen

    YES! This would break my heart

  • hartofdixiefan

    I started watching this show last Monday on Netflix and now I’m all caught up for the remainder shows for season 2. This is a very good show and I would really like to see a season 3!!!!! #renewal #renewal #renewal

  • grace

    They should renew. Many can relate to this tvshow.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robin-Fiske/100000680839858 Robin Fiske

    Hart of Dixie is my favorite show. I love, love, love, Hart of Dixie. It just has to be renewed for a 3rd season. I have been checking daily for news on the show’s renewal. I don’t understand why the CW Network always cancels their best shows like Everwood, Life Unexpected, Veronica Mars. I will honestly be crushed if this show is not renewed. Hart of Dixie is the best show on TV.

  • ed

    there better be another season or I’ll have no other reason to tune into CW

  • http://www.facebook.com/lorraine.gabrielschmidt Lorraine Gabriel-Schmidt

    Yes keep Hart of Dixie!

  • emilee822

    Oh my gosh! My life will be over if it gets cancelled.

  • Brittney91

    They have to have sesson 3 I love this show. Just got hooked off of watching season 1 on netflix!

  • Sharon222

    I love Hart of Dixie and I really really hope that it gets a chance for another season!!
    It’s just getting good!!!!! Ok maybe it’s been good for a while now, but jeeze louise she just left Wade!!

  • Lauren

    Yes definately keep HOd!! Its my favorite show on Earth! Its has amazing actors/actresses, and its getting really good!

  • Tina Dale

    I really hope they renew – I really enjoy this show and I love the cast.

  • mallory

    i hope so! i love this show!

  • crumpet

    i really hope season 3 happens and many more season after that

  • LemonLover

    Hart of Dixie is a very good show. It’s probably one of the best shows in the history of the CW television network, and perhaps the best one. I’ve enjoyed this show from the beginning and really hope it will be renewed for a third season and then some. I also enjoyed Mamie Gummer’s often much more complex show that followed Hart of Dixie this season and was sad to learn of its early cancellation. Hart of Dixie’s viewing numbers probably are low, relative to competing shows on other networks, but I think most of that difference is explained by the fact that viewers maintain a negative preconception regarding everything shown on the CW, and that that bias against all CW shows is reflected by the fact that even the most-watched shows on the CW do not rise to the level of the most-watched shows on CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX. Keep Hart of Dixie going. It’s one of the very best weekly shows on television these days.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chandra.serrano Chandra Elizabeth Serrano

    Please bring it back its my newest addiction!!!!!!!

  • Tara

    Renew hart of Dixie!!! The best show on CW I’ve actually enjoy!!!!!

  • sharni107

    must be renewed………………..
    shows like supernatural have had good run and need to call it quits too allow these new upcoming AMAZING seasons to have a place in the viewers hart as older seasons have……
    PLEASE RENEW THIS SEASON… not much more to be said

  • LooLoo22

    I hope it renews. Pretty Little Liars was on Tuesdays at 8 for the majority of the season as well. Tuesday shouldn’t be the night for it. HOD could do really well on a different night.

  • Taylor

    Renew for sure I am addicted to Hart of Dixie !!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/aj.chamberlain Amanda Chamberlain

    Renew!!!!! I have to see the next season! It’s my only entertainment!

  • Lorrie

    This show grew on me, I really really enjoy it. It’s become one of my favorites. I hope they keep it, there’s so many supernatural shows on nowadays, it’s nice to have a regular drama.

  • Saraiva

    Renewed, please!!!!

  • mai

    nooo don’t cancel!!!! i love this show

  • JOSH

    i would love , is a wonderful series . i hope that stay with us

  • UnaA756

    It better! It’s my favourite show on TV at the moment! I won’t be able to deal with losing Zoe and Wade!

  • michelle

    Hart of Dixie quickly became one of my favorite shows when it first started airing. I look forward to the laughs and the drama every week. I really hope they let it continue!

  • Stephanie

    RENEW!!! I love this show! Is worth watching! Please CW!

  • Elliiee

    Yes yes yess! Love this show

  • Aimezz


  • Becca

    Yes renew! I can’t watch it on Tuesdays but I always get online and catch up. Only show I care to watch on the CW!

  • MaliChouman

    Please renew! Only thing I look forward to on TV

  • cassandrak805

    I love Hart of Dixie! Please keep them CW.

  • Kwat1012

    Oh! I’ve watched these 2 seasons in 5 days……. I need more!

  • mick

    its a must seriously the vampire diaries is like rubbish compared to this

  • http://twitter.com/4CRIMSON_CLOVER MAY

    I’m gonna be really pissed if the story is left in the lurch…

    sure, I liked season 1 a lot better than season 2… but still.
    Now there is room for some interesting turn of events…

    all the show needs is to return to a lil more of the MEDICAL side… and tone down the romantic complications once in a while…

    also… some possible avenues of relationship twists between characters needs to be explored