‘Hart of Dixie’ In Between Renewal and Cancellation For Season 3

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March 9, 2013

UPDATE: Hart of Dixie is now predicted as ‘a sure thing’ for season 3!

hartofdixie10-328x400Are we saying buh-bye to Hart of Dixie season 3?

We’ve rounded-up the show’s chances of being renewed or junked for the 2013-2014 fall lineup. Here are the facts:

Hart of Dixie opened season 2 with an unimpressive premiere, it drew 1.54 million total viewers and a 0.7 rating. The episodes that followed garnered weak numbers as well, vacillating in between 0.5 and 0.6 percent in ratings until the last aired episode on its Tuesday 8pm berth on the CW.

As far as TV competition goes, HOD has been playing with the big guys. It is going against NCIS and Raising Hope every Tuesday night on CBS and FOX respectively. With these two huge performers going head-to-head each week, it’s not too surprising that Hart of Dixie is being outnumbered. Hence, the weak ratings. The show is hovering in between cancellation or renewal for season 3.

Despite the show’s remarkable fan base, one of the most talked about on our site actually — we’re still worried about its sustainability. Thus far, the CW network has only picked-up three series for the fall lineup this year — Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries and Arrow.

Do you think Hart of Dixie deserves to get a renewal?

  • jodik

    Renew renew renew!!!! Love it

  • Annie

    Please do not get rid of “Hart of Dixie,” I love this show, its one of my fav’s and look forward to watching it. I am rooting for Zoe and George to get together. I cant end. I WANT MORE!!!!

  • dawny

    Hope it gets renewed, watching it from the UK and love it

  • Bubaha

    I think Wade and Zoey should be together. Difference is what makes them the perfect Couple…!

  • http://www.facebook.com/liene.lakstigala Liene Lakstigala

    it must go on…..I love it…:)

  • Tanya

    I absolutely love watching ‘Hart of Dixie’!!! I hired season (1) on DVD about 2 months ago and was totally hooked to the point that I watched the whole season in 2 days. My bestie started watching HOD with me when she saw me so hooked (and I might add that we are also avid fans of Game of Thrones and Vampire Diaries which are both top rating shows.
    We live in Australia and only have access to these shows via ITunes, like many other people we know and therefore we pay ITunes for the privilege to enjoy watching one of our favourite and very much loved shows “Hart of Dixie.”……..
    So before you even consider cancelling such a wonderfully funny, quirky and feel good show, please check it’s popularity on ITunes and video hiring percentages also…….maybe the problem is not to do with the quality of the show but a fault with the Marketing or lack of and the viewing times?? Just putting it out there!

  • Erica

    Yes!!!!!! This is the only show i watch. I dnt like all these other shows. Really looking foward for many other seasons

  • najma

    i sure hope so i love it, look forward to it so much

  • nobodysbaby

    I love heart of Dixie . Please please please pick it up for another season. It is the only show I watch on Tuesday night. I look forward to it every week.



  • julees

    ohhh yeah! u need to know what happens next!

  • julees

    i never watch anything but this, vampire diaries suck big time!

  • Hart of Dixie Fan

    This is my favorite TV show ever! I will be really sad, especially how they ended season 2. Hart of Dixie needs another season!

    Oh and when they do renew it, please let us know when it will air again! Thanks!

  • sarah

    please renewal i love hart of dixi pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • delagarzanina

    totally deserves a renewal, its a very funny show and rachel bilson is amazing… it shouldt be cancelled at all!!

  • Tamy

    I hope they renew! even when season 2 really disappointed me. I am still hoping zoey and george get together.

  • Bree

    Please don’t chancel Heart of Dixie it’s the best show on TV! Wonderful cast of people! Something that I count down to watch every Tuesday!!!!!I love this show!



  • dixie sweetie

    love Heart of Dixie I started watching it this year off Netflix and now my friends and I are hooked. Its hard to get people to watch it because its on with the other popular shows. if they change the time or day of the show it might be able to get more views. The story line is great and really is one of my favorite shows. We love it in my house and please bring back season 3. I can wait to see George, Wade and Zoe. Its just starting to get really good especially with Jonah in the picture now. Bring it back!!!

  • madelainenonity

    I hope so! I love watching this show and it makes me laugh.

  • Liz2662

    YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!

  • Naomi

    RENEW, RENEW, RENEW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mex

    Hart of dixie is a great show . It brings everyone in the house to the couch on Tuesday night.
    And that is a rare thing in these days. The whole family looks fotward to this including the TEENAGERS. Popocorn and Hart of Dixie. Looking forward to season 3 PLEASE

  • Kristina Rose

    You canceled most shows i like. if you cancel this ill be really mad bring back Ringer and Secret Circle

  • hod junkie

    I love it!!!! Please renew!

  • Heather

    YES. My fav show on cw

  • Hart of Dixie fan

    Yes, please renew. It is hard to find good programs like Hart of Dixie, instead we get stupid reality shows that are not worth watching except for Duck Dynasty, who cares about the Kardashians, they are just spoiled rich kids and Honey Boo Boo is a joke.

  • Mel

    Yes! Please have a season 3…4…5…6…etc.

  • want hart of dixie

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!! Renew it have been waiting for the new season. I love watching this show Hart of Dixie is sssooooooooooooo good.

  • Rowena

    Just love this show like a lot of others am hooked, the characters are great, and love the one liners in the show.
    Please keep it going

  • Melissa

    Hart of Dixie is my favorite, love it and been referring it to others who are addicted now. Think they have alot more room to add to the quirky townsfolk. I wish i lived in the charming southern town but live vicariously every time I watch. Spice it up, and don’t put them against such stiff competition, please save these awesome characters.

  • Soo52

    My sister put me on to Hart of Dixie last year, my daughter and I couldn’t stop watching it, we have only seen series 1 and 2, we love it. Don’t have foxtel so I am waiting for the stores to stock .season 3. We will all will be very unhappy if its not continued after the 3rd season, I have told so many of my friends to watch and we are all of the same mind. Please continue the series……(-

  • Sam

    Love this show it CAN’T get cancelled!