Hart of Dixie Exclusive Spoilers: Zoe Signs Up For Online Dating; Rammer Jammer Gets Robbed!

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February 21, 2013

2ZoeWade2Sorry Zade fans, looks like the future of Zoe and Wade has gone awry. No matter how hot they look together, the bond just kept on collapsing — and I just don’t know why. Can we atleast give Dr. Hart a chance to try other options?

Check out what’s abound in Hart of Dixie season 2 episode 21 titled “I’m Moving On”. Feel free to share this bunch of exclusive spoilers from Spoilers Guide:

  • When Zoe’s attempt to find the right man through online dating failed, she has decided its time to date an actual “adult” man to perhaps fulfill her real womanly needs.
  • Meanwhile, Lemon and Wade’s relationship as business partners isn’t going so well. When the Rammer Jammer called for maintenance construction, things went from repair to robbery.
  • Elsewhere, Lavon takes his political position as Mayor to the next level by literally throwing “junk” into Bluebell’s rival town — Fillmore. However, Annabeth plans to end the feud by establishing peace talks with a resident from Fillmore.

Source: Spoilers Guide – Hart of Dixie

  • jj

    NOOOOOO! I wanted them to stay together!

  • http://www.facebook.com/kwajgirl Marie Harrell

    Me too. I told myself to stop watching last week while things were still good for Zoe and Wade. My heart is broken. I’ll watch again when they get back together.

  • Andy

    These writers sucks.
    Only way they don’t is if Zade is endgame and this is just done to extend the series and keep it fresh.
    Unless the absolutely, positively, 100% without a doubt, completely suck!

  • Amber W

    Please don’t stop watching, or we wont get another season! Right now, this show is on the bubble and might not come back. If we lose more viewers it definitely wont make it. :( I’m positive Zade will be end game, it will just take awhile. We already know they love each other a-lot. The writers can already see what a huge fan base Zade has as well. I know it will be still fun to watch the show with Wade and Zoe, because of the tension that will still be between them. Please keep on watching this show, and spread the word!

  • Maga

    Yes !!! I am really really happy with this, wade was just fun, Come on people, they never should be together lets have some fun seeing doctor Zoe trying to find another distraction guy . She should be with George and deaply everybody knows that.

  • Jess

    If Hart of Dixie isn’t renewed and THIS is how Zade ends, I will be devastated! If they aren’t back together by episode 21, unless there is some spectacular reunion, I have little hope of more Zade in season 2…

  • http://www.facebook.com/braaten26 Agata Andrzejak-Neuer

    You’re damn right girl :D I really don’t like Zade:/

  • whitetiger26

    I wanted them together too and I am really disappointed, but don’t stop watching the show! True fans stay even when thing don’t go their way. We need another season !

  • SoniaB

    I don’t understand why people are so into a Wade and Zoe match, it’s NOT realistic and very “Sweet Home Alabama” story line if you ask me. I’m not trying to be shallow or anything but come on people, do you really see a doctor being in a long term relationship with an uneducated bartender happening in real life? No. Hook up? Absolutely! Long term relationship, no. Zoe with George or the sexy doctor, now that’s realistic.

  • Shannon24

    Actually I disagree, there are many relationships out there that last when one person is not in the same field as the other and they have the same type of relationship that last. I can name a few . I think you are misguided to think Zoey and Wade are unrealistic.