Hart of Dixie Exclusive Spoilers: Zoe Heads to NYC After Sleeping With [SPOILERS]!

Hart of Dixie Exclusive Spoilers: Zoe Heads to NYC After Sleeping With [SPOILERS]!

imagesAre you still hung over from the pain that was caused by the Zade break-up? Well, I suggest you get over it right now because like I said before, this cool-off, no more sleeping around thing will be a long gone history in no time. And boy was I not mistaken! Below are the evidence to support my claims, read on now.

Check out the happenings abound that will drive you batshit crazy on Zade's snafu on Hart of Dixie. Here are some of Spoilers Guide exclusives in season 2 episode 22 titled "On The Road Again" --

  • On the episode, Zoe will fly to New York to see her mother and to attend a wedding. To make things more interesting, Zoe is surprised to see new love interest -- Jonah on board on the same plane as hers.
  • While on the plane, Zoe shares her past sexual encounter with Wade two nights ago with a chatty married woman sitting next to her. And oh you're gonna love this George and Zoe shippers! The pint-sized doc also shared that she had addressed her feelings to GEORGE even though he's still involved with someone. (read: all of this emotional and sexual turmoil of Zoe Hart happened before she left for NYC.) Which side are you still rooting for HOD fandom?
  • Meanwhile, (on a much more decent happening) Dr. Zoe Hart was able to exercise being a doctor on a medical emergency involving one of the passengers.

What are your thoughts about Zoe's inexplicable high-levels of bad decision making? Hit up the comments below.

Source: Spoilers Guide