Hart of Dixie Exclusive Spoilers: Zoe Heads to NYC After Sleeping With [SPOILERS]!

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March 5, 2013

imagesAre you still hung over from the pain that was caused by the Zade break-up? Well, I suggest you get over it right now because like I said before, this cool-off, no more sleeping around thing will be a long gone history in no time. And boy was I not mistaken! Below are the evidence to support my claims, read on now.

Check out the happenings abound that will drive you batshit crazy on Zade’s snafu on Hart of Dixie. Here are some of Spoilers Guide exclusives in season 2 episode 22 titled “On The Road Again”

  • On the episode, Zoe will fly to New York to see her mother and to attend a wedding. To make things more interesting, Zoe is surprised to see new love interest — Jonah on board on the same plane as hers.
  • While on the plane, Zoe shares her past sexual encounter with Wade two nights ago with a chatty married woman sitting next to her. And oh you’re gonna love this George and Zoe shippers! The pint-sized doc also shared that she had addressed her feelings to GEORGE even though he’s still involved with someone. (read: all of this emotional and sexual turmoil of Zoe Hart happened before she left for NYC.) Which side are you still rooting for HOD fandom?
  • Meanwhile, (on a much more decent happening) Dr. Zoe Hart was able to exercise being a doctor on a medical emergency involving one of the passengers.

What are your thoughts about Zoe’s inexplicable high-levels of bad decision making? Hit up the comments below.

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  • beeti95

    I want Zoe and Wade. My second choice would be Jonah.

  • Lara

    I want them back together. I understand this is not happening soon though (thank you writers!!!!)

  • Kaitlyn W

    I only want to see Zoe going back to Wade, and forgiving him. But I do know Wade has a-lot of things he needs to work on before this happens. I don’t see Zade getting back together until later on down the road. Yes they will sleep together, but she will most likely date Jonah, and then onto George. :(

  • Dee

    I want Wade and Zoe back together. And what happened? Leila G. said Jonah was not supposed to be a love interest for Zoe. Maybe sometime down the road. I do not like Jonah. He seems like a cocky sob who goes after someone not because he really likes them but to just win them. From day one and the smirk on his face at the Rammer Jammer he had that intent. They say he is like Wade and George but he definitely does not have the quiet charm of Wade. Not happy about this spoiler and what is to come!!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/annastm Anna :)

    I hope Zoe and Wade end up togheter! They are one of my favourites couples on tv and they have so much chemistry! They are just perfect for each other ?


    I love Zoe and Wade

  • H

    I love Zoe and George! They are so meant to be?…. Wade is great but George is the golden boy

  • chelsea

    they cannot seriously be trying to push zoe/george in the end of this season……that’s so stupid. there was zero buildup and hardly any scenes this season.

  • whitetiger26

    I understand why the writers broke them up, because Wade still needs some growing-up to do, and in ways so does Zoe, but I really hope they are not broken up for good. I absolutely love them together. George isn’t good for Zoe because he too much of, well, the ‘golden boy’. They are better off as good friends who have a lot in common. But that is it. Having things in common with someone doesn’t equal great chemistry (like what Wade and Zoe have). Plus being in a relationship when both parties have so much in common gets boring really quickly. There is no room to better yourself as a person. That is just my opinion anyways! =D

  • ZnW

    The writer of this blog is so anti-Wade/Zoe. Whatever. And I’m confused reading this…Wade and Zoe hook up again before NYC?

  • Marie Jeffries

    Without the Zoe/Wade relationship the show definitely does not have the same vibe.

  • Esmeralda Mckie

    I find it laughable each time Zoe reveals feelings for George she sleeps with Wade. If I was George that would piss me off. With that said, I know I won’t get Zade back right away but that better be one heck of a love scene.

  • ZWade

    I find it laughable each time Zoe reveals feelings for George she sleeps with Wade. If I was George that would piss me off. With that said, I know I won’t get Zade back right away but that better be one heck of a love scene.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Catherine-Wood/1358861146 Catherine Wood

    Would they get over this ZOE/GEORGE obsession already!!!! They have ZERO chemistry! What really makes them a perfect match? Having both lived in New York? Likeing Woody Allen? Each having a good job? These aren’t a foundation for love! A friendly conversation, yes, love no! I’ve always thought that Zoe/Wade’s personalities were better suited. They’re both flawed and somewhat insecure people in their own way but it seemed as though they were started to grow and change together, for each other – bringing out the best in one another. Their problem is just trying to overcome their insecurities. In a ZOE/GEORGE relationship, however, Zoe would be the one trying to prove herself all the time. After all, we all know George is MR PERFECT!! Zoe is far from perfect.

    I think a good couple should bring out the best in one another, and up to Wade’s freak out, I think Zoe and Wade were getting there. I don’t feel the same can be said about Zoe/George. Zoe’s obsession with George made her downright unlikeable towards the end of the first season. In fact the writers constant obsession of addressing their so-called ‘perfectness’ together in this season, didn’t really do either of them any favours.

    The most I’ve actually liked of the George character has actually been him with Tansy, he seems a bit less stuffy, and more comical when he’s with her.

  • Jenny

    Well said, I totally agree with you!

  • spinderela

    They should make it so that Wade was drunk and passed out and because he doesn’t remember he just thinks he went back to his old ways which in fact he DIDN’T……And the girl tells the truth….cuz I won’t be watching it anymore!!!!!!!

  • Mrs.A.Team

    Team Zade all the way

  • Yasmine


  • Remy

    Zoe and George are amazing together, but they have terrible timing, as is usually the case in great television couples. I don’t think Zoe and Wade are perfect for each other. They both had to change for the other, which creates a relationship that either can’t last, or will make them both miserable in time. Yes, I feel bad for Wade in all this, because he had feelings for Zoe from the very beginning, but I don’t think the two of them belong together. And Jonah (who is hardly worth mentioning) is a complete waste of time.

  • Tina

    Jonah?!! Ewwww.. conceited, cocky and there’s nothing to them. Not interested in a new love interest for Zoe. Geez…

  • v

    Its hard to find good chemistry with a couple and Zade certainly has that – a little drama doesn’t hurt along the way – and if the spoilers are right they are still dangling the zade carrot in front of us – knowing that keeps our interest – I hope they are gearing up for a spectacular zade season ending conclusion…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/lumi.galvan Lumi Galvan

    Kiwi rest in peace rip

  • http://www.facebook.com/lumi.galvan Lumi Galvan

    La patrona

  • http://www.facebook.com/lumi.galvan Lumi Galvan

    True blood!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/lumi.galvan Lumi Galvan

    Cure for cancer!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/lumi.galvan Lumi Galvan

    Oil spill!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/lumi.galvan Lumi Galvan

    I meant to said aceite con guevoz y frijoles con quezon!!!!!!!!! My recepie!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/lumi.galvan Lumi Galvan

    True blood true blood!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/lumi.galvan Lumi Galvan

    I hate mondo go!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/lumi.galvan Lumi Galvan

    True blood true blood true blood!!!!!!!!!

  • Shannon24

    Took the words right out of my mouth. I was ecstatic that she chose Wade and then in Season 2 loved how at first it was just casual but then built into a real relationship and it was Wade who pushed it into one. I thought the writers took a cop out by having him cheat because honestly it did not make sense. I never really saw her with George or at least no more than friends. they have the same interests, good job, but that would get bored fast. I liked that Wade and Zoey were opposite and were sharing new things and bringing out the best in each other and learning.

  • Marie Jeffries

    Absolutely agree with you.

  • hartofdixieepisodeguide.com

    I don’t like Zoe so much anymore. Why does Zoe have to get in troubles always…

  • Beth

    Lust isn’t a foundation for love either as seems to be the case with Zade. Rooting for Z/G.

  • BETH


  • Beth


  • Sarah

    PLEASE put Zoe & George together and show all these Zade fans that they really DO have chemistry and they are NOT boring and their relationship was the beginning and foundation of the whole plot of this entire show before it turned into Zade lust-fest. Let the writers expand on it and keep an open mind already!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nev

    zoe hanging up on george is just pethatic…if this keeps up i wont b sorry there’s no season 3 just that i ever watched this…

  • osaro

    i want zoe and george period

  • gzphan

    well to each his own. I have suffered thru almost an entire season watching this Zade mess. I dont know how this was even called a r/ship when 1/2 the time all they were doin is having sex. Sorry that doesnt make for a very good r/ship. They have ZERO things in common. And everybody seems to forget, he cheated on Zoe. Chalk it up to bad writing or not. That was the s/l….cant change it. Zoe deserves btr. Ive had more than enough of Zade. All I keep hearing is that GZ is a bore….they have nothing in common blah blah blah(like Zade does??) Zade had their chance and Wade blew it. With that said…Bring on GZ! I have ship these 2 since day 1.

  • gzphan


  • gzphan

    Obsessed? Funny you should use that word. This whole entire season pretty much had Zade shoved down our throats x10000! Can everyone jus face the fact that Wade CHEATED on Zoe. The damage is done. Even if the writers did put Zade back together, there would be some serious trust issues there. Cant have a r/ship w/o trust. if Zoe were smart, she wont take him back. IF for some stupid reason she did, than shes dumber than I thought and shes suppose to be a dr.

  • gzphan

    I dont understand the Jonah thing either. They have ZERO chemistry. And agreed about your take on Zade. Right on the $

  • marie laberge

    Zoe is a mess. She needs to figure herself out.