Hart of Dixie Exclusive Spoilers: Which Bluebell Couple Ties The Knot?

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December 10, 2012

In an upcoming episode of Hart of Dixie season 2, the town of Bluebell is going to gather and witness another exchange of “I do’s”, Hod fandom! And as much as we’d love to see Dr. Zoe Hart walk down the aisle, why not give the floor first to….

Wanda! Oops.. Did I just say that out loud?

That’s right people, our favorite perky couple, Tom and Wanda, are tying the knot! (Yaaay!)

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Bluebell.. Lemon gets some pretty intriguing fortune-telling when an old woman tells her that she could be bringing a date on the said big event. Can you guess who?

Hit up the comments for your wishes for Tom and Wanda and Lemon’s “mystery guy” now!

Source: Spoilers Guide — Hart of Dixie

  • Judith Constantino

    Yay for Tom and Wanda…they should be an example for Wade and Zoe. Of course, the path to true love will not be easy or swift for Wade and Zoe but I truly believe they will weather the journey and en d up happily ever after. They have explosive chemistry and one cannot ignore that. I really do like George and Tansy and want to see more story for them. I actually do not like Lemon with Lavon…no chemistry. Give Walt a chance. Brick and Shelby are hilarious. Love this show.