Hart of Dixie Exclusive Spoilers: Bluebell Holds A Spring Break Party! Who Gets Slapped?

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January 17, 2013

In season 2 episode 18 of Hart of Dixie, the town of Bluebell will be holding a festivity that calls for crazy college kids and a palooza of drinks and fun! Are you geared-up for Bluebell’s own version of Spring Break? Let me give you a few teasers!

  • On the episode titled “Why Don’t We Get…”, Lemon and Wade participate on a hard-body contest, an endurance competition where the last man standing, or technically the last person to take his hand off the boat wins the boat for himself.
  • Meanwhile, Zoe is frustrated because she desires to go out on a date with Jonah, but Brick is pulling ways to stall her. And George might have something to do with it..
  • Mayor Lavon Hayes and Ruby Jeffries continues to flirt with each other but Lavon is confused where their relationship stands.
  • And as Wade tries to win the boat, he lures a pretty college chick by telling a fake dead-daddy story. To his chagrin, the conversation ended with a slap!

Source: Spoilers Guide — Hart of Dixie

  • Charlotte

    Wtf!!! No more Zade.. And Ruby is back!!!

  • Zet

    Seriously I hope that date is just some kind of scam or something coz I´m really getting tired of Zades on and off relationship. I love the two of them but one more break up and I´m done. This show starts to be only about break ups and “unbreak ups” … And Ruby again? I don´t like her and I don´t know anyone who does. Lame charcter and lame actress and her voice…. I just skip all her scenes. Lavon deserves better.

  • Andy

    What the hell?
    They are already killing Wade and Zoey?
    Wish that new doc, could just fall in a hole and get lost.

  • Cococat

    This better be rubbish!!!!!! Seriously, they can’t let Zoe/Wade be happy for more than a few episodes, after how long of waiting for them getting together??????!!!! This better not be some long winded way of putting her and George together!

  • J

    So Wade and Zoe are about to break up in a few episodes? WTF!!

  • Aria

    Wow, who would of guessed Zoe would be over Wade, and Rubby of all people would be back. I’m not happy about another live interest for Zoe at all. Why can’t this new doctor hook up with Annabeth? Too many love interests going on for Zoe. I’m afraid the show is going to go down in ratings. Why can’t Zoe and Wade stay together and work through their problems, and become much closer, and admit they love each other! I want to see Wade open a bar, and teach Zoe how to fish, or play guitar. Zoe and Wade have incredible chemistry, which Zoe and George just don’t, They’re much better off as friends. I love this show! But wish I hadn’t read the spoilers.

  • Dyeilow

    No more zade!?? It can’t be.. ZADE is the only reason why i was so hooked to this show. Their chemstry is refreshing. Ok maybe they will be back into each other at the end of season2. Just like season1.. Hope so.. :)

  • EmDee

    If this is true, then that’s me done with HoD. If I wanted to watch a show about constant break-ups/make-ups or people ping-ponging between relationships, I’d watch a soap opera!

  • Zadist

    Seriously? Yet another zoe and wade breakup so that zoe can be drawn by a more “suitable” guy? Sounds like a rehash of all that’s gone before. Surely the writers can come up with more original storylines. I’m a zade fan. I think there’s so much more to explore in that unlikely pairing, besides just playing the on/off switch over again.

  • Fogh

    You all need to relax, because anyone who thught they wouldn’t break up ZW at some point this season is naive. It is a show and that is part of good angsty storytelling. They will get back together again or else the writers is on some serious bad drugs. Just enjoy the ride.