Hart of Dixie Episode 22 “The Big Day” Extended Promo

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May 4, 2012

SPOILER ALERT! Believe it or not, but we have the extended promo for the season finale of Hart of Dixie that will air on May 14th!

So if you wish to wait until episode 21 has aired, that’s fine, but if you cant wait, then watch the extended promo for Hart of Dixie, episode 22 “The Big Day” in the video below!

  • Andy Ass

    Hope there’s a season 2.
    Zoey and Wade.
    Lemon and George.
    And Lavorn needs a new chick.

  • Zz

    You are crazy!

  • Zz

    Zoey belongs with George. They are a wonderful couple. George is sick of Lemon and was before this whole with with Lavon came out. Lemon is still in love with Lavon. He is the one she went to talk to about her mom. That says a whole lot. What kind of real conversation did George and her ever have about it, even when she did let him know. Lemon can be herself with Lavon and not try to maintain some perfect front. Lemon and George have no chemistry. Their’s was young love. George and Zoe will challenge each other, just as Lemon and Lavon will do. Wade needs to grow the heck up and be celibate for a while. No relationships for him till he gets his act together!

  • Zz

    Ugh, Wade is SO nasty!! Zoe you can do better! Don’t settle for someone like that!

  • Asd

     OMG, want the second season sooo much!!!

  • run

    we are sick of george

  • run

    wade deserves better then zoey