Hart of Dixie Creator Leila Gerstein Promises Fans of Zoe & Wade To Be "very happy" with Season 2

Hart of Dixie Creator Leila Gerstein Promises Fans of Zoe & Wade To Be <i>"very happy"</i> with Season 2

Hart of Dixie boss Leila Gerstein had a recent chat with TV line that will soon tie up loose ends among Zoe, Wade and George. As she previously teased, Rachel Bilson's character as Dr. Zoe Hart will be making a choice at the end of the second season premiere episode, "I Fall to Pieces". A decision which can either make or break the Bluebell gents -- Wade and George.

Meanwhile on the said interview, the series creator conveyed a thriving message to many eager fans of Zoe and Wade. “I’m sure that Wade fans are going to be very, very happy,”. -- she relates to TV Line while talking about the future of Wade who was bereaved from love in season one. Gerstein also commented about Wade and Zoe's future this fall stating that, “What we have done so far [in Season 2] is very strong for ‘Zade’ fans.”

However, the showrunner also shared that even though Bilson's character will end up making a choice, the “love triangle is going to continue to exist,". “It’s more heightened [now] because Zoe’s actually had sex with Wade and also declared her feelings to George — and then had them reciprocated," Gerstein added.

On her final statement, the EP explained how the series will move forward with the earlier premise of the love-triangle still on the process of evolving -- “What was a crush on George has turned into him calling off his wedding and making a huge gesture for her; and what was sexual chemistry with Wade has turned into full-on sex. So, there’s still a lot of push and pull on Zoe, and you will feel both sides continually — even though she does make a decision.”

Source: TV Line