An American Idol Steps Foot on the Set of Hart of Dixie!

An American Idol Steps Foot on the Set of <em>Hart of Dixie!</em>

We hear that congratulations are in order for the soon-to-be newly weds, George (Scott Porter) and Lemon (Jamie King). The engaged couple who seemed to have found the 'soul' in soulmates in each other's arms looked pretty convincing on the last episode. Don't they? But wait, looks like we've been bluffed.

(Watch out for major spoilers!)

Sources tell us that there WILL be a wedding on the season's finale episode but will not favor Lemon's cry for marriage. On the April 23 episode, George and Zoe (Rachel Bilson) will skip town and they will end up in a bar where they will be serenaded by no other than American Idol season 10 winner, Scotty McCeery.

"George finds out some secrets [like Lemon's affair] and calls Zoe out of the blue to get out of Dodge," Scott told me at the Alzheimer's Association's A Night at Sardi's benefit. "They end up having a magical evening. It's a glimpse into what they could be, but it's bittersweet because they know circumstances prevent it from being more."

Circumstances, meaning George's nuptials. But will all go down as planned? The April 16 episode features a bachelor/bachelorette party, and Scott confirms, "we have shot a wedding." Hints executive producer Leila Gerstein: "There are some surprises. But I will say Monique Lhuillier gave us three gowns that will all be featured on camera." Hmmm...

Source: TV Guide