Hart of Dixie Actress Jamie King Talks About Lemon’s Journey of Self-Discovery in Season 2

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October 1, 2012

TV Fanatic had a recent chat with the on-screen Lemon Breeland, Jamie King where they conversed about her current storyline in Hart of Dixie season 2. Check out the comments from the actress as she revealed about Lemon’s journey of knowing herself profoundly when the sophomore series moves forward this fall.

She has a lot to figure out by herself first.

  • “Lemon’s on a journey of self-discovery,” Jaime King told me late last week. “She realizes ‘Holy sh-it!, I don’t know how to do anything except be a mother or a wife.’ Her whole life has been consumed by what man loves her and how she can fit in. It’s been all about approval.”

Look for some “turmoil” to arise between Lemon and her father as a result of the latter never encouraging his daughter to be a lawyer or, like her Season 1 rival, a doctor.

Lemon will actually move out this fall.

  • “She’s trying to figure out what the heck to do with her life,” King previews. “A lot of comedy will come from that.”
  • “She works at the Rammer Jammer as a waitress. A terrible waitress.”

Between last season’s reveal of her mother, combined with her failed attempt at marriage, King doesn’t view Lemon as the show’s antagonist any longer. Especially with Golden Brooks coming to Bluebell as Lavon’s high school sweetheart, Ruby.

  • “Ruby will mess things up,” King says. “She gets involved with Lavon and viewers will learn that she bullied Lemon when they were in high school.”

King teased the following developments for the show in general:

  • George will date around.
  • Lemon will dress as a famous actor for the series’ Halloween episode.
  • Lavon will face serious competition in his campaign for re-election.

Source: TV Fanatic