Hannibal Spoilers: Will Reaches His Breaking Point, Hannibal Takes Advantage!


Tonight's episode of Hannibal, Will's increasingly erratic behavior will hit its breaking point when even his teammates begin to question him, TV Guide reports. However, it's not just the murders Jack Crawford is asking Will to investigate that are getting to the gumshoe.

Here's more from showrunner Bryan Fuller:

"There's a culmination of Hannibal's manipulations. He's taking advantage of [Will] to drive him over the edge. Of course, Hannibal remains convinced he's "helping" Will. [For Hannibal,] it's a form of therapy to free [Will] from his neuroses and his personality disorders — to break him down and reshape him, perhaps in something closer to his own image. Hannibal's radical therapy on one level works very well, and Hannibal gets what he wanted."

Here's a promo for tonight's episode titled "Buffet Froid":