Will There Be A ‘Grimm’ Season 3?

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April 9, 2013

grimm-season-one-blu-ray-cover-40Can Grimm survive the chopping block of the Peacock Network this year?

On this article, we’ve rounded-up the facts and discussed the likely chances of the supernatural drama in getting a season 3 renewal. Keep reading for our early prediction –

Grimm currently takes the Friday 9pm berth of NBC and although its timeslot is perceived as a curse on the TV industry, the show seems to be dealing with it well. As a matter of fact, the showrunnners are well aware of the daunting matter. On the TCA Panel last January, executive producers David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf enthused on how they’re both satisfied with the show’s current time slot. Here are couple of statements released by Deadline:

Greenwalt said he “loves the time slot, it’s the old X-Files time slot” and said fans are managing to find the show. Added Kouf: “I don’t believe in curses so much. If they don’t watch it Friday night, they seem to watch it next Saturday.”

On that note, we took the liberty to probe for more and find out if Grimm fans share the same thoughts with the EP’s. Surprisingly, our investigation lead us to believe that followers of the show are on board with the showrunners. Most of them have declared that they enjoyed watching the fantasy procedural on Fridays and believe that it thrives among other TV network shows.

Here are some of their testimonials in Zap2it:

“Hope they leave it on Fri. not much competition from other networks. I love Grimm I would hate to have it moved up against another show I watch.”

“Grimm is thriving on Friday because there aren’t many good shows on Friday. If they get moved to another night, they’ll be right up against at least three established series at the same time.”

On the side of ratings, the numbers for the supernatural hit have been decent for the past two seasons. The sophomore premiere drew 5.64 million of total viewers and a 2.0 rating with adults 18-49. Week 9 presented a series high, garnering a 33% increase from the previous episode with 6.11 million set of eyeballs.

In conclusion, we predict that Grimm is a ‘sure thing’ for a season 3 renewal.

Do you want Grimm to be renewed?

  • Cassandra

    I seriously hope there will be a season three! the series is AMAZING and I’d hate for it to end before EVERY possibility is uncovered!

  • shelly

    yes do please renew, change time, make more episodes

  • R George

    i love grimm but am sick of the many repeats and skipped shows

  • Mac

    What happened tonight? We were supposed to see …Ring of Fire not a repeat!

  • Nancy

    I love Grimm…been waiting to watch Season 2 episode 18 “ring of fire” it canceled last week. And today was a repeat…what happen to Season 2 episode 18 when is NBC airing this episode?

  • http://www.facebook.com/treena.bennett.5 Treena Bennett

    I love Grimm! Praying for more seasons!!

  • Kellygross7

    Cannot wait to see season 3! Bring on the Grimm!!!

  • SeamusDsGirl

    Too many loose ends to chop it! Adiland is pregnant, Juliette has yet to go back to Nick, and we still need more Wu! Keep your fingers crossed guys!

  • Mary E. Merrell

    My husband and I love Grimm. What happened tonight? I kept telling my husband this is a repeat. The hexonbeast is dead. He didn’t believe me because the title and description on our DVR said Ring of Fire. Love this show. Hope it gets another season or more. Friday night works well for us. Mary

  • arn

    I Love Grim. I hope there will many seasons to come!!!

  • Halaster

    Also hoping for a third season. Disappointed they delayed the episode yet again. For those that did not know, it is being moved to Tuesday now, following the Voice, so episode 18 wont actually air until the 30th.

  • Charles O

    They really need to carry on with this show. Grimm feels like the great series throw back such as X-Files, Brimstone, Howling and other great TV series that got shafted. Not that there should a season 3, more like I can not wait to see what season 3 brings.

  • Auth

    Best show on television! Excited its most likely being renewed!

  • Nane

    HELL YEAH ! OMFG…. GRIMM ownz. Totally worth a 3rd season.

  • nas

    O yes for sure there should be a season three.

  • Katherine

    A season 3? A hope there will be at least five seasons and more. I LOVE the series!

  • Sandy Squires

    ‘Moving Grimm to Tuesday night works for me. Tuesday night is a sucky night for tv.

  • Vidanagamage Malik C

    yes of coz it is one of the best cant wait till S3