Season 6 Episode 13 The End (Series Finale)

Grimm Season 6 Spoilers: Just Like Old Times

Grimm Season 6 Spoilers: Just Like Old Times

Grimm is finally on its last page of the book, so to speak. With a bang, the series is going old school in the finale by tapping into its roots. Here are some tidbits to expect in the series finale:

  • Nick and Trubel are ditching the modern weapons. They are going up against the Zerstorer with weapons of their ancestors to get close enough to chop its head off.
  • Rosalee and Monroe are cooking up a potion mixed with blood from a Wesen, Grimm, and Hexenbiest to help defeat the Zerstorer.
  • Another character might bite the dust!
  • Nick will call Eve by her original name that will make her transformation come full circle.
  • Adalind's engagement ring is coming off with Renard making a vow to protect the children at any cost.
  • While nothing romantic happens between Adalind and Nick, the theme of family and relationship will be at the forefront of the finale.
  • Nick is forced to make a decision that might cost him dearly.
  • Nick takes his anger out on the Spice Shop.
  • The epilogue will feature a new Grimm updating the books in Aunt Marie's trailer.

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