Grimm Season 3 Spoilers: Creator Teases on Nick’s Zombiefication; Scoop on Juliett/Renard Reunion and More!

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July 4, 2013


Calling out all Grimm scoopers, fresh season 3 spoilers ahead!

Creator Jim Kouf answers all your burning post-season 2 finale questions on a recent chat with, check out the spoilers he has teased below!

On Nick’s zombiefication:

Don’t expect a quick resolution in the case of Nick’s zombiefication at all. In fact, Kouf tells me, “It’s going to take a couple of scripts to get Nick back into shape. Gotta say, he’s having a tough time. It hasn’t been easy on him,” he says. He adds that it will take a huge group effort to help Nick, who will definitely be a changed man after his experience. “Like with any near-death experience or medical issue that someone deals with, it kind of changes their lives. You have a new perspective on things, so Nick is going to have to deal with the residual effects,” he teases.

Plans for Juliett and Rennard’s (romantic) relationship:

“No plans but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen,” Kouf reports. “We allow the characters to kind of develop in a natural way. As we create the characters and we work them through the story, sometimes, suddenly someone has a different need that we didn’t know they had. And we allow ourselves to play those needs out.” In sum, he says, “You just never know, and we don’t always necessarily know. The characters speak to us. We try to let them behave and tell us what they want.”

Singleton Hank is getting a new love interest:

“He’s been kind of single for a while,” Kouf says, “so we plan to get him hooked up again.” Now accepting casting suggestions!

‘Grimm’ will air every Friday (9pm/NBC) in the fall.