Grimm Episode 16 “The Thing with Feathers” Promo

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March 31, 2012

Check out the promo for episode 16 of Grimm “The Thing with Feathers” airing next Friday on NBC.

  • Bob Smith

    I loved this episode and just finished up the few episodes using DISH Online. One thing that it did was build some tension between Juliette and Nick when she said no to his big question. What will happen now in the relationship between the two of them? It gives me a glimmer of hope that other loose ends might get tied up before the season ends. If you ever miss any episodes of Grimm when they air on TV, at least you can catch up online like I did. What I really enjoy is that as a DISH customer and employee I can use DISHOnline to watch just about anything to pass the time and it’s available to every DISH customer and even non DISH customers too. Friday’s episode will be even better than the last one, I can’t wait!