Grimm Comic Con 2013 Spoilers: Nick's New Side, Mermaids and A New Character In Season 3

Grimm Comic Con 2013 Spoilers: Nick's New Side, Mermaids and A New Character In Season 3


More monsters and more bad news are coming to Grimm season 3!

Check out what the producers of the NBC series has teased (spoilers) for their fans on the recent Comic Con event held in San Diego.

1. A new side to Nick
Last we saw our dear Grimm, he had been tossed in a coffin after he got the poisonous green stuff spit in his face by that top-hatted Baron Samedi (Reg E. Cathey). As we've seen by previous victims, Nick is fated to wake up as a crazed zombie. "He's going to be a bit of a monster," executive producer David Greenwalt said. "He won't know who his friends are."

2. Shiny new Wesen
"We've got gators in the sewer, sexy-scary mermaids and a faith healer," Greenwalt revealed.

3. Woe is Wu
The good sergeant, who is still out of the Wesen loop, will nevertheless run afoul of one of the monsters. "We've got a bad one coming for Wu that will cause major problems for him," executive producer Jim Kouf said. Reggie Lee, who plays Wu, added, "He's going to suffer greatly, and then possibly recover. We're not sure yet."

4. Russian Renard?
The hybrid Hexenbiest police chief will reveal yet another foreign language in his arsenal beyond French. "I speak Russian," Sasha Roiz, who plays Sean Renard, said. "We're going to utilize that very soon." More importantly, there will be more #ShirtlessRage in the works.

5. Wesen wedding!

Confirming earlier reports, Silas Weir Mitchell and Bree Turner, Monroe and Rosalee, respectively, confirmed that Monrosalee will get married. "I think it's nice to know it's on the horizon, but the fun of it is the difficulty getting there ... to what is hopefully felicitous nuptials," Mitchell said.

6. A Hank of burning love
Russell Hornsby, who portrays Nick's partner Hank, was somewhat out of the picture last season after he tore his Achilles tendon in real life. "After recovering from my Achilles injury, one needs a little help," Hornsby said. "I know there's a woman out there who is willing to help mend my ways ... and my foot."

7. Another piece to the map
Greenwalt teased that "you might see a second key this season." Since the mystery of the original key has been in play since Season 1, we expect some real answers soon!

8. Grimm again?
"A new character is coming that has its own Grimm situation," Greenwalt said cryptically.

Source: TV Guide