Updates on one of Grey’s Anatomy’s triangles!

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March 3, 2011

We’ve got some spoilers on what’s coming up for one of Grey’s Anatomy’s many triangles: the Arizona-Callie-Mark triangle!

I can’t believe we won’t get a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy until March 24. Can you give us some scoop to tide us over? —Rachel
NATALIE: In the next new episode, Arizona is going to see a new side of Callie. “Callie has this obsession with baby showers, and she has this massive need for attention and girliness,” Jessica Capshaw tells us. “Arizona keeps guessing wrong on what Callie would want and Mark keeps guessing correctly. Arizona just gets sick of it, so Callie gives Arizona, as a baby shower present, a trip away for the weekend.”

Source: TV Guide