Deets on an upcoming Grey’s Anatomy wedding and the musical!

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March 9, 2011

Some changes are ahead of us on Grey’s Anatomy so check out these spoilers from Ausiello on deets on an upcoming wedding and more deets abt the much-buzzed-about Grey’s Anatomy musical episode!

Question: Any truth to rumors about a wedding on Grey’s Anatomy? —Nic
That depends. Are you referring to the Callie/Arizona nuptial buzz, or the rumor about Der/Mer finally getting that pesky Post-It note blessed by a priest? I believe the first one to be true; not sure about the second.

Question: Any more scoop on the Grey’s Anatomy musical episode? —April
It isn’t just the veterans who are doing the singing. Seattle Grace rookie Eli (Rescue Me‘s Daniel Sunjata) gets in on the action, too. “I sing as a chorus member in ‘How to Save a Life,’ and then I have a small part in ‘Running on Sunshine,’” Sunjata told us this weekend at the Bohemian Dream soiree benefitting the Young Storytellers Foundation. “Most of the singing, as it should be, is weighted toward Sara Ramirez, who has vocal cords that have been touched by God. For me, singing was a bit out of my comfort zone. It was an interesting challenge. I hope I don’t fail publicly doing it.” Sunjata also shared that Eli’s mostly-physical relationship with Bailey will become “a bit more substantive and meaningful” in the coming weeks. And beyond that? “My [involvement] is kind of open-ended,” Sunjata said of his arrangement with Grey’s. “I may be on until the season finale and possibly next season from what I’m hearing, but it hasn’t been hammered out yet.”

Source: TV Line