Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Two Mercy Westers OUT!

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Two Mercy Westers OUT!

Guess what, guys? Two Mercy Westers are finally on their way out! Check out the spoilers and see who the lucky two are!

In an article from EW, it was revealed that two Mercy Westers are on their way out: Robert Baker's Dr. Percy and Nora Zehetner's Dr. Adamson. These two will not be back next season.

As for the other Mercy Westers, no official word yet on whether Sarah Drew's Dr. Kepner and pretty-boy Jesse Williams's Dr. Avery are expected back next season. According to the article, showrunner Shonda Rhimes has until June to decide whether or not these two will stick around as series regulars.

All these departures bring up the question of Katherine Heigl's Dr. Stevens. Though Rhimes has told us that Heigl will be back on set filming this April, it seems there is no official party line on whether or not she'll be back for next season.

Source: EW