Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Spoilers via Twitter!

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Spoilers via Twitter!

Twitter brings us gifts in the form of Grey's Anatomy spoilers! One of them is about the finale and another about the main Grey's Anatomy couple that will be breaking up.. so check them out!

Any hints on what the “game changer” finale is on ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘? – catbird01 via Twitter

I asked around ABC and words such as “huge” and “amazing” are being used to describe the May 20 season-ender, while the guest cast includes Mandy Moore and Ryan Devlin (’Cougar Town’). There’s also this from exec producer Krista Vernoff, via Twitter: “It will seriously blow your mind. It is @shondarhimes at her very best!”

I’ve been hearing rumors of a break-up coming between two main ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ characters! – JoAnn

I’m hearing same, and my money is on Callie/Arizona. Mind you, that’s not scoop talking; just my man’s intuition.