Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Teddy-centric spoilers!

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Teddy-centric spoilers!

In an interview with TV Guide, Kim Raver lets out a couple of spoilers on the most recent scenes that she's filmed for Grey's! Let's just say they will be juicy and revealing! Check out the interview and see what you guys think!

On whether we can look forward to a Teddy-and-Owen flashback...

Show-runner Rhimes definitely stuck true to her word on more flashbacks! Raver divulges that she and McKidd filmed scenes for Teddy's and Owen's flashbacks to their tour in Iraq. She describes the scenes as depicting a "really fun, lighthearted bond [between the two], but also how loyalty is so important out there under very intense circumstances.”

On whether Teddy's finally going to see some action...

We can confirm that Teddy will most definitely be hooking up with someone! Raver says that she filmed some sex scenes with a Seattle Grace doc whose identity has yet to be revealed. Anyone have any ideas who it could be?

Source: TV Guide