Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Will Dr. Karev Find True Love with the New Intern?

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September 10, 2012

When Grey’s Anatomy season 9 returns home to ABC on September 27, don’t be surprised if you see a different version of Dr. Alex Karev. As earlier reported, the doc who has been a victim of catastrophic love encounters is yet to find his true love this season.

Previously, Karev got involved with an intern (Morgan) when her baby faced serious medical attention. Well, we all know what happened after that — he pushed Morgan away and turned his back on her after things get pretty clingy. We get it ok, Karev wants to be left alone.

Meanwhile… in Shondaland.

After declaring the official theme of season 9 which was the ‘season of romance’, creator S. Rhimes has finally decided to give Karev one hell of a break in the land of love.

Meet Jerrika Hinton, the actress to portray Karev’s potential true love. Details about her character’s name is still unknown but TV Line reports that ABC had already confirmed her for a recurring role. Take a look at this photo we found in her blog as she films the medical series.

Hope that served you pretty well. Stay tuned for more Grey’s spoilers, news and more.
Grey’s Anatomy season 9 returns on September 27 on ABC.

Source: Jerrika’s blog / TV Line