Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Winter Finale "Run Baby Run" Episode Round-up

On the winter finale of Grey's Anatomy titled "Run Baby Run", the wedding of Dr. Bailey is going to take place but it seems that there's a big shocking twist ahead of us. In the promo released by ABC, Dr. Bailey is seen panicking inside her limo and asked the driver to turn the car around. While Meredith and Cristina gets their hands full in dealing with bigger problems in their lives.


On the first sneak peek, we get to meet in flesh another Shepherd sister named Lizzie. Lizzie made a brief appearance on last week's episode where Derek seemed unhappy about her visit. Below, we can definitely sense some tension building up between Mer and Lizzie. How can things turn around for this mini family reunion? Do you think Zola is thrilled to meet her first Aunt?


Speaking of which, another Aunt of Zola is facing a rocky marriage -- Cristina. While it is no surprise that her relationship with Owen has finally reach the boiling point of a sad divorce, we know that this two are each other's soulmates. And it's just a matter of time until they realize that. This, I've confirmed with Owen and Cristina's portrayer themselves, Kevin Mckidd and Sandra Oh in an interview with THR. Check out the report here. Watch the second sneak peek of the episode featuring Cristina and Owen's awkward divorce convo.



*What do you think happens on Dr. Bailey's wedding?
*Doesn't it bug you that Derek seems to hate all of his sisters? Seriously all four of them?
*Why can't Owen and Cristina just grow up and face the music that they truly love each other?

That's a wrap! Stay tuned for more sneak peeks yet to be released on this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy!